Wednesday , June 23 2021

Writing between two times

Author: Dr. Ibrahim Ibrash

Scientific and technological progress has not left the path of modern life, but it has left its positive impression and led to a state strike in medicine, agriculture, culture, industry, education, transportation, communication, information technology, etc. However, this scientific revolution has caused fear among some philosophers and scientists have warned about the speed of science and technology and its negative consequences on the way people live and the future of mankind, such as: land and sea pollution, the impact on the ozone layer, biological revolution and manipulation of human genes, the evolution of conventional and nuclear weapons , Spreading the so-called. Illness of the ages such as tension, anxiety, pressure, fear of the future, etc. Thus, humanization became one dimension, according to philosopher Herbert Marcuseu in his book "One-dimensional man" The lack of simplicity of first life and nostalgia reflected in the phenomenon of hip hips in the seventies and eighties, and then the green groups and the nostalgia of nostalgia in terms of nostalgia, including the rejection of present or alienation … No wonder that the positive people The scientific and technological development, despite the fact that it is a product of human reason and effort, has become imposed on people as a culture, behavior and way of life, and on states that are necessary to maintain survival and occupy their place among other nations and meet the needs of their people. Therefore, the introduction of science and urbanization is no longer an option other than those who want to live in a cave. The story of a man with knowledge and information revolution is similar to that of English writer Mary Shelley (1797-1851) about Frankenstein or a being rebelled against his creator where the scientific and technological revolution was ready to have human beings As mentioned above, many areas affected by the digital revolution It is true that the writer has lost the pleasure of using pen and paper when writing and touching a book or newspaper page and throwing it when he read it on his chair or lying on the floor or stretching in his bed by dividing the wood smell of paper but additionally , used to write speeds on the computer and save directly modified content, and the computer and the Internet have made the process of getting references and making it easier and faster to communicate with readers and publishers. Iar is a small part of many who have lived in the area of ​​writing and scientific research. I remember that it was difficult for the author to write the literature and literature needed for his research topic – a book, a university thesis, a scientific research or an article – In my humble personal experience, when I started my career in academic research and political writing, I had to travel from Rabat in Morocco to Beirut and Damascus in 1979 in order to acquire books and papers on the magisterial thesis and talk with the political figures involved in the study, and the same for his doctoral dissertation where he traveled to two countries in 1982 in Cairo to obtain the necessary references. I remember I needed an English book on a research topic published in London and one of the literary references I looked at in the Moroccan libraries and did not find it. I contacted the British Council in Rabat to inquire about its availability and I had to wait about a month to inform me about the existence of the book and its price. At the beginning of writing and publishing, my first writing was in the early 1980s in newspapers and magazines published in Beirut as an Arab magazine, and in London, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Al-Hayat and Al-Quds Al-Arabi. Press Moroccan. At that time writing on the paper was the beginning of the enjoyment of touching the paper pen and the satisfaction of filling the page and the beginning of the new page, and the pleasure of ink pen insertion and the search for a new pen or filling the pen with supply pen, then get the printing phase of what's on paper dactylo) Or write a machine, then correct what was printed and manually reprinted, and finally there is the degree of correspondence of those involved in the publication, where the article is either looking in the envelope and going to mail to put the appropriate postage stamps with the sender, and we had to wait a week or more until the message reaches the same time and time We get the answer By the appearance of computers and the Internet writing and communication has become easier, in my personal experience, we write directly to the computer, directly corrected and edited, and later write what we are writing . During the writing process, we can use the reference and documentation process directly over the internet or stored in memory and computer files, and after the completion of the book or research or article we can send it directly and within seconds the publishers needed can get an answer after a few minutes or hours. Ultimately, a modern man lives in an Inside Conflict or emotionally between nostalgia for the past and to deal with present and optimism for the future. One of the philosophers has said that in every human being, the child is a true word, and we add what is close to the meaning that every human being carries in his own personal history, in which he wishes for what is beautiful of him and always calls him a kind of birth. He is a sad man or a witness to his mistakes and difficulties, but always prevails over the reality in which man can leave his history but can not escape reality and rights, and in time the present will become a memory of the future of the past and the past of the future. com

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