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Andrius Žemaitis spoke of risky pregnancy of his wife: the pathology was serious and I saw her want a child

Several TV3 lifestyle wires "Red Carpet" said that two of the children from the previous relationship are already big, the boy will be a great joy and happiness. Plenty of time spent working and working on television plans more time for the baby home. But before these joyful thoughts they had to bear a lot. Initially, physicians' predictions and risks are not well accepted.

"Get this kind of nurse bliudas and says you need to put everything here. There were only a few days when you thought it was all just ", says A. Žemaitis, in the program, recalling the time when it was time to go to the hospital and wait for the baby to survive.

"It is time for everyone to ask and see them visually. It can not be hidden. Obviously, there was no intention to hide, but we did not rush without medical advice

Doctors did not lie and said the child was in serious danger. One day I had to go to the hospital urgently. The thoughts were varied and the day was hard. But today you can take a break. All the dangers have disappeared. It may be impossible to say these words how difficult it is and how you feel. No matter what the medical staff told me, I believed everything would be all right. I was like an egg and those days I walked that meter to the toilette, "Gerda recalled.

Znojenje Zaveckas

Znojenje Zaveckas

© Photo: Naurim and Arnold Zaveckis

According to Andrius, the hospital was not only for three days, but for all three weeks, when the couple lived in anxious waiting. "This risk factor was left behind, but it was not good because pathology was serious, I saw that she wanted this baby, she walked with her nose in her pregnancy test, and they already picked up that outfit. I will not be there anymore, "she smiled at TV3.

True, Gerda will be the second child. She was surprised to see her looks and wishes changed because she told her that her first-born, twenty-two-year-old Mark would be her only child.

Gerda and Andrius Samogitias

Gerda and Andrius Samogitias

"This is my second child and he really does, I do not know how the future will be here I was a very young mother and I really thought this was all I will have enough children But the time goes by and I naturally grow my baby's wish" he smiled.

Regardless of Gerd's present promise to herself and her beloved husband, Andrew does not believe that her husband will succeed in slowing down the rhythm of life. He says the beloved person will not be able to sit quietly, and after a month he will want to go back to work, and he will ask him to find a nanny for the baby.

"There's no doubt I'll be back in business after a month and say I'm looking for a nanny," Andrei laughed, but his wife was soon cut off: "I do not say I do not want to do a little, and my friends laugh when I have a baby I do not want to go anywhere. It seems to me this time I really want to be home with my baby. "

And although Andrius has four children from his previous marriage, and as a teenager he needs to take care of his brother and sister, this pregnancy is unexpected for himself. "She can travel thirty seconds from the fullness of luck to total interference," she laughs.

Gerda confirms that her husband must walk around the fingers. However, despite the changing mood of pregnant women, they are happy to meet each other and be able to live in harmony and full mutual understanding.

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