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Are you left? It's enough – let the devices adapt to you

Scissors, guitar, notebook, ruler, tap, can opener – what do you think this has in common? The answer you might have today is International Left Day. Usually these and many other things that we use every day are real hands. Technology is no exception.

Are you left? It's enough - let the devices adapt to you

"Every tenth person in the world is left-handed and everyone is suffering daily discomfort. They are also caused by various devices. For example, have you ever wondered that the numeric keypad is standard on the right and not suitable for left-handed users? Some computer mice also have right curves. Naming and naming: smartphone, smartwatches, gaming console dashboards, phone cases and more make it easy for right-handed customers, ”says Elina Dapkevičienė, Telia product and service development manager.

The truth is that both the keyboard and computer mice, phone cases and other items designed specifically for left-handed people can certainly be found better. But there are some setup tricks that make left-handed use of computers and smartphones a lot easier and more convenient every day.

Left Hand Computer Settings

If you are left-handed, you may have set the default mouse button on your computer instead of the left mouse button. If you haven't done so and want to try it out – follow the instructions:

  • For Windows 10: Click the Windows key in the lower left corner of the screen, select the gear icon (Settings), then Devices and mouse. All you have to do is change the home button setting.

  • In the MacOS menu bar, click the Apple logo, select System settings, and then Mouse. You can change the home button setting in the Primary mouse section.

Android settings for left-handed users

It is more difficult to operate the smartphone with the left hand, as the activation keys are usually located on the right side of the screen. This is because holding the phone in their right hand will make it easier to reach. Still, there are ways to adapt the technology to your needs.

If you have an Android smartphone, you'll first need to activate "Developer Features." You can do this by going to "Settings", selecting "About phone" and quickly pressing "Version number" 5 times. A note will appear on your phone saying "Developer Options" has been activated.

Then go back to the main settings window, go to System, then Developer Options and activate the "Appearance" option in the "Rendering" section. from right to left. "In this case, not only the appearance of the menu items will be moved, but also the rotation of the control buttons at the bottom. Some embedded devices, such as calling or texting, are also easier to control. True, Huawei's smartphones do not have this capability.

IPhone settings for left-handed users

The funnel also has the benefits of an iPhone. For example, if you type often with one hand, you can activate the reduced keyboard by going to Settings, selecting General, then One hand keyboard, and choosing which side of the screen, left or right, will be "stuck".

Another relief that can be used for both left and right iPhone users is the scroll function. You will find it in Settings, General, Accessibility and Availability. To reach the top of the screen with one hand, slide your finger across the bottom of the screen and they will land below. This feature works not only in the phone itself but also in other devices.

We hope these tips will make your everyday life easier with smartphones!

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