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Characteristic role of G. Maciulevičius in the kitchen (recipes)

A color palette of roles

"I've been playing for the 37th season since 1982. When I started working in the theater in 1982, so far I've played 3250 games, and when it comes to publishing an article, I'll add something" surprised by impressive numbers. "I would start working as a killer of the old generation, Theater Blog: I've labeled everything in laptops before, and now I have described computer theater on each computer, what I played, how I did my colleagues, what is good or bad, what are the experiences It has happened, and that is very interesting to me.

Not only the media, but also his colleagues, G. Maciulevičiai, deserve to call the legend of the Kaunas Music Theater – already playing with the third generation of actors, it would be difficult to list at least one performance that does not include his name on the performer list. Operetta, opera and even rock opera, childrens performances and recently popular music – G. Maciulevičius tried in all the genres of music theaters, and his talent has repeatedly valued litavian theater art and government awards.

"For more than 15 years I have played only the main roles: Higgins, George My" My Beautiful Lady ", Aizenisteinas in Batman operas, Dr. Barlow in" Sevillian hairdresser ", Vienna's premier blood and other roles. my character – I often felt jealous of those performers who had glamorous subordinate roles, and today I enjoy them – Pelikan, restaurant manager Green Parrot in Circus Princess opera Uncle Foolin for the musical "Adam's family" Different character, creative expressing sometimes requires a lot more effort, knowing than playing a funny baron or mark, "says G.Maciulevičius, known in the world of music as one of three band performers," Baritonas Trio ", the international festival" Opera at Castle Kaunas " He still teaches the stage for students of the Musical Academy of the University Vytautas Magnus.

Grandma's grandmother

How do you guess, adjust, when to rest? It turns out that you are more busy, guessing rather than relaxing, getting a good mood, and sometimes creative thinking Gediminas goes to the kitchen. "Cooking has always been a passion for my life, of course, after the theater," the interlocutor smiled.

He says that after spending a small amount of time with his grandmother, he was a mother and was a great hostess. The child was eager to observe how the job broke out in his hands: how flour meal, peanut butter, shaken … He watched but did not participate in the process. According to the singer, the role of the passive observer attracted him, so it is no accident that the culinary became his favorite. On the other hand, production learning produces life.

"At school I was nineteen years old – with my husband Birut, together we were 43, we were born children, so while I was still a student at the Music and Theater Academy, I cooked apples, pancakes, cobra," says Gediminas with the pleasure of preparing for grandchildren: "Parents work, Birute learns that there is not enough free time, and for me it is a great pleasure. School grandchildren are close to my home and often get roaming."

G. Maciulevičius's culinary discoveries – as recent roles on the stage of the theater – are characteristic, versatile: they can make miroshine, haring and soup, meat dishes or chicken. Love, discernment and inspiration, according to the singer, are the main ingredients. Gediminas avoids experiments and challenges to the stomach: its culinary foundation is based on the mother's mother tradition, and he and his family offend delicious, soda, but varied foods from common products.

A frequent guest on the market

"In the past, my grandmother has prepared Easter, Christmas and other bigger family holidays, I have recently taken this tradition. I always produce a small number of different types of butter: with dried barley, carrots, seeds, etc. My cousins ​​will not understand if the carcasses do not fill on the table and roasted "sitting" chicken drained and grated chicken on a large mayonnaise bowl with water and an oven heated in the oven for about 2 hours, and my passion is meat dishes, especially the spicy Adzhik sauce, called Gediminas, only a dish that only spices salt, pepper, sometimes pouring herbs, soup with a laurel leaf, flavored peppers – In the soup always add a bowl with a shell – it gives a nice golden shade, I take parsley, celery root, carrots – the soup taste is sweeter.

According to G. Maciulevičius, carrots are the most important vegetables in his kitchen. They can be anywhere: to give delicious, mild, spicy dishes to the dishes, and it is also decorated with a very beautiful orange hue. The soloist is convinced that the food should not only be tasty, sophisticated, but beautiful looking – tempt, awaken appetite at first glance and always try to put food on the plate as beautifully as possible to decorate it.

Almost every Saturday, a singer can be seen at the Pilies Market – where he usually buys a variety of vegetables and orders meat, poultry meat to a farmer holding an organic farm not only for himself but also for children's families.

"I have it: 3-4 packaged boxes I've compiled for 1-1.5 hours, I also have enough removal of 8 chips," the interviewee smiles. "Recently, my idea has been repaired – a pastry: do not cake – you need time, skills, but with delicious kebabs, cakes, cakes. The most popular experienced desserts are a simple and quick-fried dough with apples."

Mum's soup of noodles

For inspiration:

600 g of beef or turkey,

1 round

3-4 cloves of garlic,




380 g of flour,

130 ml of water

1 egg


For Sultan:

1 chicken

3 l of water

2 carrots

¼ celery root

the root of parsley

small bow


3 scented black pepper,

2 laurel leaves.

Cook the soup. Sprinkle chicken meat, cut into pieces, put in a bowl, pour cold water and cook. Remove the raised foam, add the chopped spicy vegetables, season and boil for about an hour or until the meat becomes soft. Remove the cooked meat. Prepare the stuffing. Mix malted beef or turkey with chopped onions, garlic, spices. Bring the elastic, soft dough from the dough product. Wrap it in the food and allow it to stand for about an hour to swallow, then throw out a thin sheet of paper and squeeze small circles of diameter. Place each filler spoon on each roller, moisten the edges of the meat dough with a little water and sprinkle half the edges. Excellent, if you have molds for mold making, the job will go faster. Put the prepared pie in boiling soup and cook for about 7-10 minutes when it rises to the surface. Serve in juicy pots with a raspberry, season with freshly chopped parsley, sour cream.


1 kg fat lamb,

6 big carrots

2 big ports



several leafy leaves,


tomato sauce.

Cut the meat into the middle cubes and place them in the frying pan. Fasten carrots and bulbs firmly. Place the meat in the cooking boil with greasy juice and juice, add spicy vegetables, add spices, sprinkle it with water to catch and simmer for about an hour on slow fire. Cook the rice separately. Remove the meat with rice and sprinkle with tomato sauce.

The bull is full

"We need trunks, smoked ears, tongue, dry plums, salt, pepper, grass, garlic. There are no specific quantities of produce – every time you cook differently," says the singer.

Long, thin and very sharp knife, without cutting the frame, remove the bone. Hang the meat up and sprinkle with spices – salt, pepper, garlic, herbs, and then restore the skin back. Fill the same knife at different places at meat in different places – insert smoked tongue, eyebrow rings, dry plums. Wrap the meat in the gaze, squeeze it as much as possible – otherwise cut the spoon. You could frame for 1-2 days, marinate, then cook. Be sure to add spicy vegetables to the soup. Cook for an hour or more – depends on the size. Remove the bones from the bush and hide under heavy objects. What will be harder, the braid will be more cohesive. "You can eat a hot body, but in our family it's a cold bite," says the soloist.

Gedimino coffee

1 l of water

5-6 cups of high quality coffee,

tea teaspoon of cocoa butter

sugar according to taste

cinnamon fingernail

Add coffee, sugar, pour water and cook in the cooking pot. When the foam comes out, remove it from the heat, add the cocoa, the cinnamon and boil it again. When the foam is raised, remove the pot, wait until it is clogged and overheated – so it takes 3-4 times. On the surface of the coffee, a thick foam is created, and cocoa gives this drink an extra delicate flavor that was particularly appreciated by G.Macilevicius, who has coffee.


2 kg of tomato

1 kg of carrots,

1 kg of sweet peppers

1 kg of apple

100 g sweet peppers,

100 g garlic,

1 glass of oil,

1 tablespoon salt

1 cup of sugar

100 ml of octa.

Boil the oil to cook. Add the cut carrots, 1 min. – another minced vegetables, after another 5 minutes. – Salt and chilli peppers. Cook sauce for 20 minutes. In the slow heat, stir. Add chopped garlic. After 5 minutes Mix well and mix thoroughly. Remove liquid, minced vegetables with electric stirrer. Then add the vinegar, unobtrusive pot for another 5 minutes. stick to the fire and put the sauce in the jar, close it. Scan only after a week.

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