Monday , May 17 2021

D.Motiejūnas quickly collected misdemeanors in the vice-president area

Donatas Motiejūnas, represented by the San Antonio Spurs (47/34), who won the National Basketball Association (NBA), won a lean victory 112: 90 (24:24, 38:22, 17:17, 33:27) broke basketball players in Cleveland (19/62).

Spurs continue to participate in a three-team race for 6 places, where Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma Thunder are also on foot with Gregg Popovich's students. In his regular season, Spurs will end their home duel with Dallas Mavericks.

D.Motiejūnas appeared on the parquet for 5 minutes and 50 seconds instead of Jakob Poeltle and Spursa 99:73. For a while, D-Mo managed to earn 2 points (1/1 colony, 0/2 penalties), catch the ball, make a successful pass, and even break the rules 4 times.

LaMarcus Aldridge wins 18 points (13 second-placed), DeMar DeRozan (9 second-placed), Davis Bertan and Pattrick Mills – after 14, Brian Forbes added.

For the losers, Brandon Knight and Collin Sexton scored 16 points, Ante Žižičius – 14 (6 Nov), Cedi Osman – 12, Larry Nance – 11 (10 rel., 5 rel., 4 over). whom.).

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