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Dramatic War of Pregnancy: Save the baby against cancer, but it was crazy to become a simple virus life

First blow – surgery or cancer

"When I went to the gynecologist, she was pregnant for eight weeks, I had a pregnancy test and I was pregnant, but during echoskopia, one ovule has cysts, which is inadequate with pregnancy." Pregnancy was not planned but since I was eight months old husband and son, and my daughter was much older than her first marriage, we thought it was good enough for a young man to play with.

It was difficult – everyone around me wonders if everything is fine, but I laugh and I shake my head, even though inside tears accumulate.

The gynecologist sent me to meet you in Vilnius. Experts have said that cysts should be operated, otherwise, ovarian cancer may develop during pregnancy when hormones are activated. But if I'm in contact with the operation, 50% probability I'll lose my baby. She could think before the sixth week of pregnancy. There was a tough decision, but I decided to do the operation. Since the cyst was inserted, during the surgery I removed the entire ovary, "39-year-old Vaid said.

Private Album Photos / Watch with your son Airid

Private Album Photos / Watch with your son Airid

The woman managed to save the baby, but there was the second blow. During a scheduled visit, the gynecologist, watching ecotourism fruit, quietly did so long that Vaida began to worry. Then she explained with great caution, asking her not to be upset that the baby's ventricles of the brain grew more than needed. And he immediately added that his machine might be wrong, so you should return to Vilnius for experts.

Cut to the house

"I've been waiting for consultations for two weeks, obviously, on the internet, I would add a scary story of what the enlarged ventricles are, a diagnosis confirmed in Vilnius – the brain of the water I did not foresee any predictions – all will be revealed only when the baby is born My doctor I was sent to clinics in Kaunas because their doctors specialize in this diagnosis.

I applied for the doctor who most likely received. It turned out to be fairly straightforward and said: If the water in the brain gets even bigger, the baby will stay completely brainless and ultimately the birth potential is small, it may die during delivery, but if you are already born, dear lady, you will have problems for whole life.

Private Album / Airid Photo with Brother

Private Album / Airid Photo with Brother

The shock was such that I cried all the way to Kaunas's house. It was about ten weeks before birth. I decided not to tell anyone about complications, only men, nurses, and close friends knew. I did not tell my mother anything, I did not want them to excite so long as the situation was unclear.

It was obviously difficult – everyone around me wonders if everything is fine, but I smile and shake my head, even though the tears are full, because it is full of uncertainty, "said the interlocutor.

Simple cold symptoms have become fatal for the baby

Due to the difficult situation, doctors planned to make a cervical cut because the water was larger than the normal baby head, but the woman was born unexpectedly several weeks earlier than a few weeks ago. Hardly, but Vaida wore herself. The lid was weighted 2.9 kg and hung 50 cm, the head was clearly larger and immediately placed in the incubator.

As a woman later learned, it is probably the cause of cytomegalovirus. This is one of the most common viruses – about 50 percent. people are his carriers. In most cases, the virus does not show any symptoms and does not cause concern, and if it does, the disease seems like a flu or a flu. That's what happened to Vaidai – he just slipped slightly and stuffed it. However, this virus is very dangerous for pregnant women because it can damage the fruit.

Epilepsy has begun after the onset

Already after one month the boy had to undergo the first operation – a natural drainage channel was created. However, it soon became clear that this was not enough, and during the second operation was inserted a shant. Airid was not there for three months at that time.

"I was expecting our trouble to end, now the situation will be fixed, but then my son had epilepsy. During the meal, he began to shrug his shoulders and he simply stumbled.

Since neither I nor the local doctors knew what to think, I found a forum for disabled children on the Internet and asked for. My mom quickly explained who she was. To enter neurology we had to wait for about a month so I found a private neurologist in Siauliai, who confirmed the diagnosis of epilepsy and sent the hospital.

Private Album / Airid Photo with Brother

Private Album / Airid Photo with Brother

This time I decided to go to Siauliai Hospital, closer to my home. By then I lay in Kaunas three times, I was completely alone, because a man works in an agricultural company, in the summer, working time – no one to twelve nights and another little kid at home. We received antiepileptic drugs and returned home, "recalls the mother.

A tough decision is gastrostomy

Vaidas calculated that for the first time in his hospital life with his son spent about six months. Four or five times they had to change their tongue. After seven months he lost his food. Mother, thinking she was still approaching her, went to Kaunas clinics, but it turned out that the food had entered the lungs.

"Until then, although he had a difficult time to eat, the weight became weak, but I ate. After this incident, when during the week of reanimation he had to breathe the lungs before they were removed from the food, the doctors called the console and said they needed to rinse and feed the baby directly through her. I had to say the last word.

They did not really want it because it was a step backward. On the other hand, doctors have promised we will have less gastrostomy. The second year was a bit easier, we were often sick of sickness-free illnesses.

Photo Private Album / Watch With The Boys

Photo Private Album / Watch With The Boys

However, the child does not sit, does not stand, seems to stop practicing, so he began to nurture his spine and throw his chest – one side emerged, another hollow, hollow club. In September last year he had ropes to allow him more time to pass, and the clubs were slightly renewed.

A month later, it was necessary to extend it. For the child this was a very difficult time, he was crying, because he often wedged his legs and could not move. Even worse, after removing the gypsum – the legs were so stubborn that they were so painful that they could not pick up or change the diaper, the baby was damned until it was wet. In the future, we will be waiting for the complex work of the club, "she said.

The child started loosening

After the operation, Airid was sent to a rehabilitation sanatorium, but without completing the lung inflow, he found himself in the hospital. After this inflammation, the other followed immediately, and the boy began to suck after the laryngeal diaphragm appeared. Due to hemoglobin loss he suddenly dropped and had to swallow blood.

"Until now, in my eyes, little developed, one hand caught the toys, the other cut into the burning cavity, sank, sat on the car seat, answered the house and smiled, and after these illness it was like the one who changed the baby He lay like a little puppy – he did not move his arms or legs, his body seemed completely exhausted and blunt, it took a short time before we managed to strengthen him to operate the kernel.

Doctors suggested insertion of tracheostomy while the child was breathing loudly and flat. I was convinced that it was not so good that it was difficult for children to live and to worry about intensifying – it is no longer possible to leave the child, leave it alone, and my husband is working, his older daughter has already gone to school, his mother is afraid of him. A lot of load for me. Then I decided to wait, "explained the interlocutor.

The trip to Novosibirsk postponed

The family is planning to wear a son in Novosibirsk for experimental microphage therapy. Vaida said she knew that the Lituate physicians were very skeptical of her, but she knew the mothers who were there and actually saw the results.

People from Pasvalys County collected money for money – Pasvalys Municipality organized a charity dinner in December last year. The woman is extremely grateful to the people who have been sacrificed and believes that the money will lie in the bill and that the child will use it. Unfortunately, so far, a trip to Novosibirsk must be postponed, but the parents themselves do not leave.

Private Album / Airid Photo with Brother

Private Album / Airid Photo with Brother

"We already got a passport, we planned to translate diseases extract into Russian, but we were afraid that because of the worst, the baby could not travel.

We signed up for a consultant at the pulmonologist and immediately returned to the hospital. Pneumonia was again diagnosed, although the baby practically did not extinguish, had no temperature, no obvious illness.

Research has also shown that carbon dioxide builds up in the body due to severe breathing. The medical councils have told me that she needs tracheostomy without her baby surviving.

In fact, he got better – he smiled better, quietly, even started to move more, began to move with his hands, not since the beginning of the year, recently started to work even on his feet – to clasp.

On the other hand, after the infusion of tracheostomy we had lung inflammation, and then, in late October, there was a severe epileptic seizure that we could not extinguish in our home. The child spent the day in resuscitation until he managed to handle the attack, "Vaid said.

After the epileptic attack, the baby is so exhausted to sleep for a few days.

According to her, doctors did not give a good boost to their parents for the development of the child, but permanent illness further prevents them. Epilepsy has a particularly powerful effect – after a stroke, the baby is so exhausted that she is sleeping for a few days, and it takes a while before she does something, she returns to the road.

It took a long time for her son to go out

Asked about women's expectations, she admitted she was beginning to wonder when Airid would improve after seeing her success. However, every time this hope has destroyed every new sadness for the son.

Vaida was open to being very tough in her first year, and she is still grateful for her unexpected hospitalization. In one department, women who lay with the children became friends so that the new Vaidin friend became the mother of Baptism of Airid:

"After our acquaintance, she visited me every time I was in Kaunas clinics, although she had enough trouble. Since Airidas was very weak, she was back in hospital, we decided to baptise her.

I thought maybe a child would have a lighter life, let God help. I asked her to become her baptized father with her husband. And so far we are in contact, she is constantly questioning Airido's health. It's incredible when people like you are really surrounded by people who really care for you. It looks like a totally strange man, but it seems to know him all his life. "

Photo of Private Album / Aidride Baptism

Photo of Private Album / Aidride Baptism

To live without planning, but still dreaming

Vaida now believed that she lived without planning, without thinking of what to expect or expect.

"You live and do not know what will happen, and enjoy all the achievements." But the child is alive, he answers the household, laughs at the conversation, looks at us when his brother watches television, turns his eyes on the TV, draws him into the field – released, watching everything, everyone is interested.

Really understands a lot, can not say. Earlier, he did not have enough sound, but now he has no voice for tracheostomy. You see the child crying, but there is no sound.

Doctors say that children learn to live with tracheostomy. I'm getting upset about it. It requires a lot of work, a permanent exercise, physiotherapist, logopedic services. As far as I can, I personally work with him. Physiotherapists and masseurs come from the Pasvalys Service Center once a week – we have managed to enter the Integrated Care program.

There is a need to pay for these services, but a little. Professionals should work with him at least several times a week. The physiotherapist who visited my mother promised me that I was dressed but I was not a specialist and somewhere to transfer it to specialists is dangerous when she catches the infection so quickly, "said the interlocutor.

However, the family does not stop dreaming of trying therapies that will help the boy to strengthen and ease life. Vaida also dreams about the ADELI rehabilitation center in Slovakia, where experts with children with similar disorders work under a special program and special equipment.

"Share information with mom Facebook in the group, I saw the children began to walk after this rehabilitation. I do not know how to be, but we want to do something, do not drop your hands and help the baby, "she said.

Airdeath Diagnosis: intrinsic congenital hydrocephalus, widespread (generalized) epilepsy and epilepsy syndrome, congenital brain malformation, spasmodic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, idiopathic scoliosis in children, mixed developmental disorder.

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