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Harley-Davidson discovered the details of his first electric motor, LiveWire

The story of the LiveWire engine started by introducing a prototype in 2014. It reflects the vision and potential of the Harley-Davidson electric vehicle. After long testing and intense development, Harley-Davidson LiveWire can provide new and powerful experiences for motorcyclists. The motorcycle is powered by an electric motor and therefore has an impressive acceleration. Just turn the accelerator off because there is no clutch or gear. The low center of gravity, the robust aluminum frame and the superbly adjustable suspension give LiveWire exceptional dynamics. Its power and driving are tailor-made for urban motorcyclists.


LiveWire is powered by a permanent magnet electric motor that achieves maximum torque when the accelerator is turned. The engine is mounted low and thus creates a low center of gravity. Therefore, the motorcycle is well controlled at different speeds and is easy to control while it is stopped. LiveWire emits a sound that extends when driving a motorcycle. It reflects the smooth force.

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The dynamics of the engine complement the chassis. It is intended to provide driving and control goals on city streets and on circular roads. The engine is one of the components of the aluminum frame, making the LiveWire design extremely rugged. Also, the motorcycle is equipped with the highest quality adjustable Show suspension. The rear is a SHOWA BFRC-lite with an shock absorber and SHOWA SFF-BP in front. The latter allows you to adjust the rear shock absorber dynamometer and performs very well at low speeds. Ideal combination and control in typical urban situations.

Front of LiveWire features Brembo Monoblock 300 mm double discs. Braking the bike is precise and safe. These sensors enhance Brake Assist (ABS) and Traction Control (TCS). Systems are already available in standard equipment LiveWire, along with Michelin Scorcher (180mm wide rear and 120mm front tires). The driver can choose LiveWire dynamic features from 7 driving modes. 4 has already been developed by the manufacturer and 3 can be adapted to your needs.


The colorful touch screen is placed above the steering wheel and clearly transmits the most important information. Adjustable height allows the driver to choose the most comfortable position. You can control the touch screen using Bluetooth, navigation, music, and other settings.

The mainstream LiveWire lithium-ion battery is protected by the use of an aluminum case. The motorcycle also has a smaller 12-volt lithium-ion battery that supplies light, signal, display, and other energy. Charging the motorcycle is possible with the first level charger only from the home socket. It also manages other and third fast loading systems with SAE J1772 connection to the US market or CCS2-IEC connection to the international market. All LiveWire engines from Harley-Davidson retailers will have a public charging station.


The Style LiveWire reflects its strength and basic design element Harley-Davidson, focusing on the engine. Just like the V-Twin engine like the most brilliant stone in Harley-Davidson crown, LiveWire is the first to look back on its engine. Its mechanical and muscular look informs about the power of a motorcycle. In addition, aluminum battery boxes are stylized with cooling plates. The frame is painted with a special technology and therefore looks like anodized metal. The silhouette consists of a line extending from the battery, extending to the rear of the rear leg. Meanwhile, the wing is so close to the wheels that it almost does not see.

The new Harley-Davidson LiveWire will launch next year, with more detail and pre-order to be delivered in January 2019.

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