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Jazz has long been waiting for fans in Kaunas: they found a message that the concert was canceled due to illness

On Saturday, a few moments ago, when Jazz had to start the concert, DELFI received a loud message from the reader.

"Jazz concert was canceled at the last moment, and people who came to Kaunas" Adform Yard "found a message that the event was canceled. Nothing is clear. I wonder what happened. I still instagram today Story it was announced that he is already going to Kaunas, even team members have gathered, "he wrote at the concert but did not read DELFI.

Similar information is also published by AdAd Yard account.

"Jazz fans and guests Adform Yard, we are sad to announce that the Justė Arlauskaistė-Jazz concert on unexpected illness has been canceled and moved on August 16. Justa is very sorry and will personally report about the transfer of the concert as soon as it is done," he says statement.

"We support Jazzi and want to recover as soon as possible," he added.

The map sharing website,, also points out that the only Jazz launch on Saturday will be released by August 16th.

Those who do not want to wait for another Jazz concert can return their tickets and return their money.

Because of this situation, DELFI tried to contact Jazz manager Laura Lučiūnas but did not contact the producer.

The invitation did not respond to the call, but just hours before the concert, Jazz contacted fans on his social network account, saying he would soon be in Kaunas.

"Hi, Today I have a concert in Kaunas "Adform courtyard". I put things and go to Kaunas. I'm sorry to hear you sing a lot. Come, I'll sing about 20 o'clock, "said one of the most popular singers in the country.

It is true that the artist of this record is no longer in the profile at this time.

However, immediately after the overthrow, Jazz informed his loyal fans of what had happened.

"I came to Kaunas, standing on the stage and not asking. Devices are not the best for voice. The concert was postponed, not canceled, it was completed sold OutI've been preparing for so long and yet amazing sun … But health is the most important thing, I have to keep my instrument to sing you again … Thanks for your understanding. Be healthy. Copper and I are greeted. Let's hear it, I love everything, "the singer said on Saturday night on Facebook.

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