Friday , February 26 2021

Long-awaited supplement "Morning": What will a good friend M. Popovich give the capital?

Dainius Adomaitis said on Tuesday morning at the Vilnius airport that "Rytoj" scouts fired on the so-called tidal market. The expert then said that searches were not yet clear, but the events were linked so that knowledge of newcomers reached Lithuania more quickly than Spanish return.

The fact that the purchase is needed is the 32-year rookie Rokas Stipčevičius, based on the picture "Ryto" in the past few weeks.

The main striker, Chris Kramer, falls for the third time this season, so he does not want to jump into a regular ride, and there is no equivalent shift in Vilnius. Due to the long-lasting trauma, Margiris Normantas, Aistis Pilauskas had beautiful episodes in Malaga, but he has not yet grown up with high-level wrestling while Mindaugas Girdžiūnas and D.J. Seeley's crew is difficult to attack.

The lack of creativity quickly became an opiate "Morning" wound, so yesterday he came to Vilnius, according to the club's leaders and D. Adomitis, who could hide them.

So what did the player "morning" win after such long searches?

"We need a well-organized and outsider who is capable of moving away," Adomaitis said on Tuesday.

In essence, this is a brief description of a speaker of 186 cm. R. Stipčevičius is a developing player who primarily likes to attack athletes seeking their teammates instead.

During their career, Croats spent six years in Italian clubs, where most teams are usually filled with individually strong and athletic players. In this country it was said that it was precisely because of its willingness to care for its teammates and the general achievements that he was very fond of community clubs.

This experienced defender is also a good guy who bravely attacks after dribling. For example, in the last two years Sasan's team Dinamo tripled its top 40.7 percent. Accuracy.

A strong homeland called a basketball player feels good in quick attacks. Although R. Stipčevičius is not an individualist or a player who can independently win his team, his hand does not crawl at important moments.

In defense R. Stipčevičius was unquestionably evaluated. On the one hand, the defendant is very active, and his pressure from the first square meter in Croatia has once become a defensive card.

For example, Croatian has made a big contribution to the fact that the World Cup in the Italian Amadeo Della Palla with 22 minutes was held without any point.

On the other hand, it is noticeable that they are rivals in the matter of attacking R. Stipčevičius, who is not physically very strong. "Morning" this season has a significant problem in defending against the "two vs. two" rivals, and it is suspected that the coming will help pull this wound.

New Mercury player was in Sardinia, where he had been protecting the colors of local Dinamo for three years. Prior to that he played Bursa Tofaş, Virtus in Rome, Varese, Pezar clubs, and the worst record of R. Stipčevičius was recorded in Milan, where he called AX Armani Exchange in 2012.

Stipčevičius is also often invited to the Croatian team. He played at the 2010 World Cup, and he was in the European Championships 2011 and 2015 and in the 2016 Olympics.

True, in the team, R. Stipčevičius never played a more serious role. Colleagues in Croatia told not to compete with players of the same position as Zoran Planiničius, Rokas Leni Ukičius, Mark Popovich, Dontaye Draperis or Oliver Lafayette.

R. Stipčevičius is considered one of the most difficult players in the country. It was said that the player never had problems with alcohol, not a frequent visitor to nightclubs.

His colleagues in Croatia also react well to the personal traits of R. Stipčevičius. It is said that the defender is a family man and a player, watching his career very professional, looking at the body.

R. Stipčevičius often has successful episodes with emotional excitement, so loyal fans are devoted to devotion. For example, fans in Sassari estimate that in the first year of their team R. Stipčevičius immediately began to learn Italian.

By the way, the player is a good friend of former Zalgiris Mark Popovich. Two friends in the summer participated in the World Cup in Russia, where they watched the historic Croatian campaign.

"It is unclear that Pop will now make a decision on this kind of friend," said Igor Čurkovich, a Croatian journalist who laughed at R. Stipčević's transition to "The East."

After R. Stipčevičius left Italy in the spring, he was arrogant with patience. According to information from, in the summer the attacking conductor received calls from Turkish and French clubs, but is determined not to hurry and to take a better chance.

It was time to show how this "Winter" option is looking for new winds. It will only show you what this Croatian air force will bring.

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