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LSKL fourth round: record rain, expansion and surprise at Klaipeda

The fourth record for the Lithuanian Student Basketball League (LSKL) has been recorded this season – Rimantas Daunys Vytautas Magnus Academy of Education (VDU-ŠA) has won 20 balls in basketball, and Kaunas has won more than 30 points – Marijus Užupis collected Vytautas Magnus University 31 points, and his team's opponent, Gymnastics Stankevičius Kaunas (KK), managed to earn as much as 35 points. This is the last number – a record for this season's performance. Kristupas Žemaitis, a player of the Lithuanian University of Sports (LSU), recorded a record in the second rankings – he made 16 performances.

LSKL Vice Prvaci – in front of Klaipeda

So, after this round in LSKL, only one team remains without a defeat defeat. These are the champions of the second group of guys in the past season, basketball players from the University of Vilnius, who this year also have a dominant role in the Eastern Division. The Klaipeda University (KU), which occupied the position of the leader in the "west" section, unexpectedly fell on the road to the sea, resulting in a 76:77 (22:21 18:16, 15:23, 21:17) landing at the International University LCC) in the team.

LSKL's vice-champion KU team played this time without three important players – Ignas Ramašauskas, Neptune-Aquiservis, who went to FIBA ​​Champions League Laurynas Mikalauskas and Arunas Mikalauskas and no ankle trauma.

Despite these losses, the Ku's team still has a lot of good players and managed to beat the basketball player LCC.

However, basketball fans LCC, supported by their fans, have shown great character of the fighters, their concentration and their greater desire to defeat. At the end of last season, the remaining LCC representatives could break this season some of the leading Ku students in the quarterfinal.

LCC team wins Justas Grikštas and Augustinas Venckus, winning 19 and 18 points. Eimantas Žilius added 13 points to victory, Mantas Montvila and Tadas Kymantas – 10 points.

The best result was Klaidas Metrikis, who scored 23 points. Tadas Poska won 11 points, David Romančenko and Ernestas Jonkus – 10 points.

Where he won a basketball match to reject the ball at 45:35 but is twice out of 9:18.

In addition, Ku fought for distance attack – it hit only 6 out of 27 attempts (22%). The three-point LCC was somewhat subtle – it hit 7 out of 22 of the 22 attempts (32%).

"This time I did not see the players who would like to win in the ranks of my team, we did not keep up the discipline, one player tried an attack, another attack, and so on .. Some players thought they would win an individual action rather than a team game. You have to swallow this little pill, learn from mistakes and try to stop them, "Mindaugas Stašys, team coach of KU after the match, said.

Everything was better in LCC team camp.

"We played in front of our viewers, the atmosphere was brilliant, and it inspired us." Klaipeda Derbys are always special, persistent and beautiful, and everyone wants to prove he can win, "he said," I greet my team members as they demonstrated the character, will and stubbornness of the fighters. is decorated with student basketball. I think the fans are happy, "said Marius Tamolis, coach of the LCC team, without hiding their joy.

My team was the first stumbling block in four games, while in the LCC basketball account – 2 wins and 2 losses.

Seven Martynas Varnas triplets

Basketball Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) still can not feel the taste of victory. They suffered the fourth failure in a row. This time, KTU is the result of its audience 71:87 (21:20, 15:23, 17:19, 18:25), graduated from the LSKL bronze medal at the Lithuanian University of Sports (LSU).

Martynas Varnas was seriously arrested in the ranks of LSU, earning 29 points (3/8, 2/7, 12/7, 2/4 finals, 5 rebounds, 6 rebounds and 6 awards, 30 points). Justas Vazals added 14 points to victory, Kristupas Žemaitis (16th.) And David Rasys (9th place) – 10 points.

KTU tried to save 17 points and finish 9 balls after Laurynas Miknevičius, Matas Ragauskas scored 13 points, Motiejus Siminas – 12, Julius Kigas – 11 points.

In Kaunasu two players earned more than 30 points

Students of the LSKL Champions Vytautas Magnus (VDU) won the third consecutive victory (they had 1 defeat). Students Arūnas Juknevičius's guests at 97:89 (19:22, 31:19, 21:23, 26:25) are the result of Kaunas (KK, 1 win, 3 loss).

Marijus Užupis earned 31 points and won 33 points in the wins. He won 5 out of 5 colonies, 6 out of 9 trophies, 3 out of 3 penalties, and then 4 balls. Grant Vasiliuskas added 17 points and returned 11 bags after the basket. Tom Dumas collected 15 points (10 re), Julius Liesis – 13 points. Regimantas Miniot failed to complete triple duplication for just one result. He got 10 points, followed by 13 bombs and made 9 thrown away.

Obviously the head of the colleges Kaunas was Gedrius Stankevičius, who managed to earn as much as 35 points (6/7 two, 7/12 t, 2/2 penalties, 4 awards, 3 awards, 33 points), Mantas Koshel scored 15 points, Rytis Sasnauskas – 14, Justas Sakalauskas – 11 points.

VMU wins fight with jumping clubs – 42:34.

VU defeated VK students

The LSKL II male group champions, the Vilnius University (VU), this year claim that their goals are high. They are still marching without drift. This time in the VU house, the difference in 15 points – 89:74 (26:19, 25:10, 22:23, 16:22) was broken by the Colleges Vilnius (VK).

VU team won Paul Leščinskas, winning 20 points and defeating 11 goals. Dominic Bučas scored 16 points and grabbed 15 balls, Mantas Dong added 12 points to win, Simonas Lekys – 10 points.

Mantas Šerkšnas and Edvinas Lebeckas won 16 points in the win, Martynas Rakauskas – 12, Žygimantas Gedžiūnas – 11, Karolis Bakanauskas – 10 points.

The VU has won a basketball jockey fight – 57:48.

In Vilnius – a drama with an extension

The VMU Academy of Education (VDU-ŠA) is not able to survive – this time the last team's basketball players suffered defeat of their audience – after the extra 75:79 (18:22, 12:15, 23:14, 15:17, 7 : 11) landed at the Technical University Vilnius Gediminas (VGTU).

VDU-ŠA was twice twice in the vicinity of the two-tone outcrop (37:28, 47:39), but did not survive the game and eventually lost after the extra.

VGTU team won Andrius Juknevičius, winning 25 points (3/7 two, 5/8, 3/4, 4/8 penalty, 7 rebounds, 6 awards), Mantas Vavilovas added 22 points, Vytautas Kirlys and Julius Jasiulis (10 repetition) – after 8 points.

The best result of the VDU-SHA team was Rimantas Daunys, who won 17 points and won 20 balls after the basket, Justas Šukais and Noah Vaikšnoras scored 15 points.

LSKL "East" Division Tournament table (games, wins, lotions, points): 1. VK 4 3 1 7 2. VU 3 3 0 6 3. VGTU 3 2 1 5 4. VDU-ŽŪA 3 0 3 3 5. VDU -SH 3 0 3 3

LSKL "Western" Division: 1. LSU 4 3 1 7 2. KU 4 3 1 7 3. VDU 4 3 1 7 4. LCC 4 2 2 6 5. KK 4 1 3 5 6. KTU 4 0 4 4

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