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Lukeuskis, 40: I did not hesitate to continue my career

although Mindaugas Lukauskis A few months ago he celebrated his 40th anniversary without thinking of completing his career – and health and relentless desire to step on the field sent a veteran of good messages.

"To be honest, there was no hesitation as to whether to continue the career," recently said for another handball with Prienie.

In the upcoming season, M. Lukauskis, 198cm tall, will be 24th in a professional career and the second in a row at the Betsafe-LKL Prienai Championship.

He chose this team by pushing a few other, less specific and attractive proposals.

"It happened that I chose Prienus. I did not want to wait a long time, I wanted to be concrete. We sat on the negotiating table and agreed – Lukauskis said.

Last season, with the Skycop shirt, the average player had 9 points, 3.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists.

True, Lukauskis's season was far from easy – last November he suffered a thigh injury.

Physicians warned that this could lead to a ban by the summer, but Lukaus last week missed only seven games at the national championship.

"After fatigue last season, it was both physically and mentally. I had to get out of my routine, but now I feel rested. Both body and head have recovered, it will take time to get hired – said the veteran.

Upcoming season Prienai will meet with M. Lukauskis with many changes. It is clear that the team will lead a new coach – Mantas Šernius replaced Virginius Šeška on that spot. In addition, several young basketball players should join the club.

– He had already talked to M. Sherner and told him what he thought and what a team vision was. Let's try not to disappoint and spend all the ideas. I'll probably have to teach young people from time to time, but for years I've been used to it. Still, they all have long been called veterans, "M. Lukauskis smiled.

Lukeuskis can be presented not only as a veteran, but also as a record player. He is the largest (613) and most (990) goalkeeper in the history of Betsafe-LKL.

Just outside the box, M. Lukauskis is the third player to score the most in the history of the league (5,220). By the first place in this post, Zydrūnas Urbonas misses 337 points.

"I do not think much about those records – they still come from the fact that I've been playing for a long time. I grew up with basketball and it is a great pleasure for me. Of course, the body is still fun and I still have a chance to improve, "said the veteran.

Lukeuskis thinks maybe the upcoming season will not be the last.

"There is no such attitude that I will finish my career for a year. But you never know how it will be. There may be some premature trauma and you will have to finish all this. That's why I do not plan, but I do not say that the next season will definitely be the last.

And what's waiting after that, I still do not know. One side is attracting me training, and another organization and team building. All I know is that I want to stay in basketball, it's in my blood, "said the basketball player.

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