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LVAT: It was not R. Palaitis minister to pay for the cave

Former Minister Raimundas Palaitis could not compensate the Ministry of the Interior (MIA) for 15.900 euros of assets due to the illegal dismissal of the Head of the Civil Service Department.

The Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania (Supreme Administrative Court in Lithuania) announced a sufficient degree of guilt of the former minister for his material liability.

In the absence of any unlawful procedure, there was no reason to meet the request of the former interior minister on the consequences of the material nature of unlawful LIA proceedings.

The final decision of the Chamber will be final and will not appeal.

This decision abolished the decision of the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court issued in November 2015 and dismissed the decision of the chief prosecutor to sue.

Virginia Volskien, the right judge, does not make the wrong procedure.

She said that Mr Oswald Armavir, who led the Civil Service Department, did not cease to exist.

In court, Mr. Be careful enough with care, thoroughness and severity, and the reason is that you have obviously failed to follow the principles of a common law, including responsible management and good public administration standards, and do not respect the right to act or limit your discretion.

The Minister of the Interior, when imposing sanctions for services, in accordance with the procedural rules governing the punishment service, has been determined by the competent authority as described in the court report.

Since 2002, under the leadership of the section, the Secretary of the then Interior Minister, who was released for sale in March 2010, was released in March 2010 but in 2011 he ordered his duties to be confirmed and to compensation for forced expulsion. The military court ordered the execution.

Mr. Armavius ​​now serves as the Deputy Director of the Civil Service Department.

The State Attorney's Office for the Interior Ministry filed a complaint with the State Bureau of Control. In its statements, the State Control found that the Ministry of the Interior, subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, illegally used the State Budget for dismissal and the Grain Officer of the Workers p. Payments of the Armed Forces and Forced Labor Period, the Unpaid Fee and Disbursement Fee for Non- guardian's cow and the payment of the regular income of an unlawfully dismissed employee.

Mr. Armavir, Acting Director of the Civil Service Department, started work in early 2013. Regardless of the fact that the court ordered the posting of duties on the first working day of September 2011, p. Armavius ​​resigned. Following the election of Seimas after the change of the political majority and the Government, in 2013, the Social Democrat was re-appointed as the Head of the Department for four years.

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