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Margarita Jankauskaite: why do I still call her "girlfriend" to humiliate her?

Are they different?

M.Jankauskaitė, who recently became a grandmother, said that she had already begun preparing a librarian for her anointing. True, you'll have to take care of it until you can read it. "I want to talk about cultural sexism, because it's an elephant we do not want to see. We've been in his shadow for a long time, we used to get used to it. which is overwhelmed by women, all about femininity when it is said that men are more important and women are in the second row, "Margarita said.

It sends a sign to a man that feelings, child care, social work can be avoided, or you will be locked by a fake person

Margarita Jankauskaitė

According to her, although it is popular to say that men and women are different in nature, nature is far from everything. "The person is one of the mammals born with insufficiently developed brain, that is, 29 percent of the brain is formed, and the remaining 71 percent is formed over time." Why is it important, because most of the differences between men and women form rather than be related, "said the expert.

Men also suffer

Although women today can not vote for themselves, they are also called upon to serve as state officials, according to statistics, in their power it does not exceed 25%. border. But with cultural sexism, according to M.Jankauskaité, we are faced not only by the authorities but also by the television. "When we look at analytical programs, all experts are usually men, and when I ask why it is so, she says she does not find it. for equality has come up to 100 women's stories for publishing, and we did not even think it would be that hard work, and it turns out that many women are surrounded by a discourse for silence. are not considered to be enduring. It's scary when you think we've learned to accept it as a boom, "said M.Jankauskaitė.

Margarita Jankauskaite: why I still call her

The role of women in society also affects men. "If we do not want to see an elephant, we will no longer see his shadow." Women, however, think that women and women are insufficient, so people should be avoided. What happens when someone tries to show that he is not strong? Let's take every Hollywood movie. Does the coach enter the wardrobe and what does he say to encourage him to pick up? "Girls, boards, ties." It sends a signal to the man that inevitable feelings, child care, and work in the social area will be locked by a fake person. On the one hand, avoid it and live happily. But are you really happy? Do we hear about men's problems? Do we hear that the right women are violated and that men are hurt? Did people hide in organizations? "the expert asked rhetorically.

According to her, when it comes to fighting women's rights, they also care about human rights. Because men tend to deal with problems that are not the best way – they have been drinking alcohol or getting involved in fighting. "Why not ask for help because of the fear that people would not be beaten, so we need to talk about men, change traditional men's norms, we need to remove those systemic barriers, and to let go of a girl, we have to let boys out of a traditional male stomach," he said. M.Jankauskaitė.

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