Sunday , April 11 2021

Microsoft teams will soon have better performance on even the cheapest devices

Microsoft, a leader in virtual and tangible technologies, promises to continue to promote its Microsoft Teams video conferencing program, making it available on a wide variety of devices. This will be achieved by creating a completely new version of Teams, a progressive web application. PWA – a progressive web application) using web tools such as HTML, CSS and Java. As a result, the program will also be available to users with extremely weak computers or tablets.

Microsoft teams will soon have better performance on even the cheapest devices

Microsoft Teams currently has millions of users worldwide due to the ongoing pandemic and mass work from home. Some users who join conferences on weaker devices may experience interference due to the use of software resources, but the PWA-based version of Microsoft Teams promises to solve such problems.

The new app will be based on Microsoft’s Chrome Chrome-based Edge WebView, so using teams will be as simple as opening a new browser window. Other features that consume a lot of resources, such as the menu bar or music tool, will be hidden to make the program as easy as possible. This will delight users of older, weaker devices, as well as those for whom additional features of the program are not important.

Microsoft says the program is designed with personal data security in mind and will be constantly updated and very easy to install. The program will also start faster and will support integration with Windows 10 features, such as messaging.

News of the “light” version of the program comes shortly after Microsoft announces several new features for the regular Teams program. One of them will be that only those participants that the cameras turn on will be displayed on the main chat screen – participants who do not want to appear will be able to talk, but will not be displayed on the main conference screen.

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