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Mikutavičius: for some people it will be a fall

In the show “Conversation”, the performer Marijonas Mikutavičius appreciated the current mood he feels in his environment. According to him, many people are tired and the reasons for that are clear.

“I could argue that society is not ready to mobilize or discuss, but it is clear that people cannot listen to instructions and be limited indefinitely. If there is a time period during which you need to tighten your belt for a common idea, yes, but you need to know the completion date; it is clear that fatigue occurs, a fatalistic approach to the disease and everyone finally begins to come to terms with the attitude that the disease will be.

They start asking questions, and rewards like MAMA can, of course, be an incentive that can lead to the next steps in decision making. I feel that rumble even from my friends who have been quite loyal to this government all along, obviously even those who have been calling all the time to have their teeth bitten. Obviously we reach a turning point where eventually everyone will start living the way they want to. I feel exactly the same – compared to last spring, I am now several times less careful “, says M. Mikutavičius in the show.

Marijonas Mikutavičius

Marijonas Mikutavičius

© DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

According to him, the situation is really bad and it is obvious that even the exhaustion of quarantine is still the only tool that can help at the moment.

“On the other hand, I fully understand how the authorities are now sitting idly by because, apart from quarantine, there are no other means because no one has devised it other than vaccines. I am a bad advisor and I usually encourage others to think before they speak, because 99.9 percent we basically don’t know how to behave, after all, we can’t start everything and we can’t fight to the end.This is the same thing as the white-gloved war, about occupation, defeat, but not killing.A situation that is, no matter how is turned around, still bad “, the contractor believes.

Mikutavičius: it is natural for us to get tired

M. Mikutavičius says that fatigue or the desire for resistance is a distant property not only of Lithuanians, but these traits are characteristic of the modern arrogant person.

“I don’t think it’s just a matter of fatigue or a desire to resist, and I really don’t think it’s just a Lithuanian problem. Even, I would say, more rallies, resistance happens in Central European cities – France, Germany, where men pour mugs into the police. I think this is a human trait, actually, glistening people who live quite comfortably and naturally read about diseases, plagues, and wars only in history textbooks. It’s hard to understand and accept that reality, I’m the same because I also find it hard to understand that something is invisible shit it controls our lives, something we don’t even see that no one knows much about.

Marijonas Mikutavičius

Marijonas Mikutavičius

© DELFI / Karolina Pansevich

I think it’s the arrogance of modern man, he thinks we conquered the whole world, we flew to Mars, we mastered nature because we restrained the sun, the wind, but obviously nothing is over, the world is a continuous story and our life is an example of that; no one lives at the end point, because there is always a struggle with disasters, a struggle with our lives, with the state we are all in. We have to accept it, fight against it, but it is natural to get tired “, says M. Mikutavičius.

Estimated network disputes

According to him, many battles are taking place online these days.

“I think when we beat the virus, we have to beat the internet because it’s obvious that it’s when you feel tired like a terrible blackmail. He’s like an intriguing bean or a man at work carrying gossip to each other and grinning. I actually did a simple experiment – I turned off the media and social networks for at least a few weeks and realized that the society was not as divided as it seemed at the beginning, ”says M. Mikutavičius.

“I guess there should be more rules on the internet, say, managing fake profiles that are actually anonymous, that are brave just because no one knows them, so that can be offensive. Will we learn to communicate differently? I don’t know, hard. Public education in communication, the way we communicate is very different. There are people who are more upright, find it harder to master the language, and there are snobs and intellectuals who have more balance in their language, making them prettier and more solid, even though the devils know what they are thinking.

So people express their feelings differently, I doubt that one day we will all unite, unless a generation grows up to learn about the Internet, how we learned about Samogitia and explain why it is not possible to write like Mikutavičius or Užkalnis, and why it is necessary to write like Daiva Žeimytė, for example, ”says M. Mikutavičius.

About conspiracy theories

M. Mikutavičius wrote in his new Facebook post that the behavior of the public reminds him of drunkenness. According to him, it is unusual to see examples in one’s own environment, when after a while it turns out that the person believed in some conspiracy theories.

“I just noticed it then. I was interested in conspiracy theories, I was interested because, for example, I suddenly realized that I was no longer talking to old ex-friends who seemed to think similarly and seemed to have the same worldview. We hadn’t seen him in a while. , and when we met, he turned out to believe chemtreilais, believes that the Pyramid of Cheops was built by some giant, etc. I don’t know, but in some cases it’s simply a lack of education.

I have examples from my environment where people have not appreciated the printed word for a long time and do not read much, and suddenly a booklet falls to them, and this is often an enlightening or isothermal thing. Suddenly their eyes open and they realize that they have never read such things. They have absolutely no comparative principle. I have several examples at once nugravituoja to some kind of walking across borders, such pseudo-spiritual things, with which they bring a bunch of conspiracies, strange devices ”, says M. Mikutavičius.

Marijonas Mikutavičius

Marijonas Mikutavičius

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

“But there are also examples when very responsible, intelligent people turn to such things. I can’t explain it at all. To the point where they start to doubt everything, they don’t believe in history textbooks because the school was usurped by the government, they don’t trust Google because it usurped “Bill Gates, the European Union was usurped by a Soros – everything is usurped. Then I have a question – where is your stronghold, where are the foundations? Because you have to believe in something, if not, you have to have some information,” adds M. Mikutavičius.

Not keeping quiet about the discussions about vaccination, M. Mikutavičius assured that he had received proposals to encourage vaccination in one way or another, but, as the contractor emphasizes, agitation is not his task, although, he says, he will certainly vaccinate.

“It simply came to our notice then бачкос and go to war every day, say something – it’s not my way of proving it, especially since I don’t think we have to vaccinate everyone by force, and I’m not a militant person who says let’s look down on people who haven’t been vaccinated, ”he says. Mikutavičius.

Some musicians got hired as taxi drivers

When asked how people from the world of shows, musicians, behaved, the performer assured that the mood is different and that people do different jobs on their own.

“I know musicians who just spit on everything and work like taxi drivers or take out food and spit on everything, because which is the fact that he’s been an amazing bassist for about eight years, who cares that she was a promising violinist. They just work on jobs they can find. For others, quarantine may have benefited. Again, I don’t know if I’ll discover the underworld, but music lessons are underway, parents allow children to learn music – whether it’s done remotely or directly, I don’t know, but some say they live great, even better than before quarantine .

Some public sector bodybuilders simply build performance, create programs because they are budget workers. They build them with the hope that someone will ever watch them. Of course, the depressed mood is high there, of course, people try not to show it, but I think everything is bothered by a sense of meaninglessness and the perception that the world you nurtured, which you believed in, has collapsed and you don’t know if it will return, performer.

“The question is whether after long changes society will still be able to return to what it was. In a global or national sense, again, nothing new. Societies are transforming, life is changing, but some people will collapse. One has to think, probably change the specialization.The profession of a bodybuilder has always been difficult to feel and very risky, without guarantees, now it is about minus one hundred percent guarantee “, says M. Mikutavičius.

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