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Misiūnas shared the latest views of the pebble pebble swamp: the fire resembles a desert

"The hot waves that go through Europe and the consequences of that nature, unfortunately, do not prevent Lithuania. Yesterday, a fire in the Trakaičiai pebble in the Šilutė district mobilized all the services, primarily firefighters. Today I attended the fire station, talked about the situation with the commander of the fire brigade, officials, "writes E. Misiūnas in his published account on published photographs and video footage. Firefighters and other official forces are used to localize fire and smoke reduction. Yesterday, a military helicopter with a firefighter conducted an air exploration in the air to determine the extent of fire and the possibility of spread, as well as the help of Latvian colleagues in fighting that element. After assessing the weather conditions, possible wind direction changes, firefighters remain in duty on the territory because the peat is tending to burn, and in the coming days there will be no new fires.

The Minister thanked the people who rushed to extinguish a great fire.

"I would like to thank all the police officers – first of all firefighters for quick, thorough and professional co-operation with other departments and institutions to hurry and extinguish the fire as soon as possible and thank the Lithuanian armed forces for their cooperation in securing the security of the population and the Latvians for solidarity. , Writes Minister.

DELFI recalls that a major fire broke out on Friday and was reported at 13:00. Huge firefighters came to Trakai from all the surrounding towns, soon to be joined by rescuers and remote places – even firefighters from Palange and Taurage arrived.

About 12 hectares of burnt area occupied about 40-50 civil servants, and firefighters also fired. Because of the very strong smoldering smoke, people are advised to evacuate, only if they have the chance or at least not to go out. Fortunately, the worst predictions have not been confirmed – the fire was quickly run. Although firefighting works have not yet been completed, it will be necessary to buy and inspect a part of the peasants, or where there is no fire under the ground, firefighters said on Saturday that the worst situation was in the past.

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