Friday , April 23 2021

NCAA Starter Duke Constellation has lost one of its major competitors

The Blue Devils Trainer's headquarters at Duke's College, which in the summer collects monsters, can be proud – the first pancake has not been attracted. At the start of the season of the National Alliance of Athletes (NCAA), "Blue Devils" 118: 84 (59:42, 59:42) persecuted the Wildcats University of Kentucky.

The performance of this team is simply impressive since the NCAA match lasts only 40 minutes.

External performances Djuko žvaigždės – R.J. Barrett He earned 33 points, he snatched it Zion Williamson added 28. These are the two players who should compete for the first 2019 call at the National Basketball Association (NBA) on the newcomers. Calls to the first burner are also promised Cameron crvenkast added another 22 points.

Kentucky University Attorney P.J.Washington, who promised at the end of the first round, won 17 points in 17 minutes and exhausted the penalty. His weight was 23 points earned by Keldon Johnson.

Former Domant Sabon and the future of the University of Martha Arlausco Gonzaga have also come to the forefront. Bulldogs net 120: 79 (60:42, 60:37) has suffered a state university in the state of Idaho Tigers.

The University of Gonzaga married to win Japan Rui Hachimura, earning 33 points (13/18 doubles). He also promised first call.

Early in the season, JayHawks first ranked kayaking university after a tough fight 92:87 (50:36, 42:51) broke the resistance of the University of Michigan at the University of Spartans.

The talent of the first wheel of the newcomer is considered a talent Quentin Grimes the winners earned 20 points (6/10 three points) in 30 minutes. The second call was also planned for Lagerald Vick, although his performance was disappointing – 32 minutes, 2 points (1/3 of the two, 0/4 thirds).

The impressive defense was shown by the famous Syracuse University, whose team 66:34 (28:10, 38:24) flooded East Washington University. The most talented player of Siracusa is considered Heavy battle within 29 minutes he scored 8 points. Somehow Brissett has won 20 points.

Poor performance was held by the Tar Heels team at the University of North Carolina 78:67 (33:26, 45:41) defeated the notorious Terrorist Team at Wofford University.

The call for the first bomber for the newcomer promised Tar Heel attacker Nassir Little but did not stop for 20 minutes, earning only 7 points. Luke Maye, who scored 24 points, took the lead.

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