Monday , July 26 2021

Piece "Our City" – Finally at Sea!

Today, November 7, 7 pm The Klaipeda Drama Theater will present a joint performance of "Klaipeda Youth Theater" and Kaunas National Theater "Our Town". Spectators of Thornton Wilder directed by Darija Rabasuskas will have the opportunity not only to see the famous theater and film actors of our country, but also to pause for a moment of infinite escape and alienation, to seek meaning and beauty in small daily routines.

In 1982, "Our City" was first made by Lithuanian director Gytis Padegimas. This performance is impressive and has been shown for almost 19 years. Asked if he is not afraid that the new version of performance will probably be compared to the first one, D. Rabasashko argues that this should be the case. All right, that'll do it. Some things may be similar to the first performance, and may not be the same. But this is always the case with very strong material, valuable work and valuable thoughts. After all, the performance, in my opinion, inspires the spectator's imagination. He was born and ends in the mind of the observer, "- says the director.

The play of the game takes place in the 20th century. at the beginning of the year. It reveals the simple lives of people, but permeates the perception of the same things as today: birth, childhood, maturity, marriage and feelings of death. To the question why, after so many years, people have to remind all this again. The role of "director" in performance, Valentinas Masalskis, is usually and fundamentally answered – not to be reminded of death, but of life, of our being. "As the author of the song says, you have to love life to have it and you need to have life to love it." Ther Wilder reminds us that life consists of very simple, everyday things and that they are sacred, worthy miracles. But I see a miracle, for example, in the spring when the green leaf of the tree is released, I see the wonder when the same tree leaves leaves when the grass stops in the fall and starts to wait for the winter, and all these miracles are happening next to us, but we can not see them. We just got up and running in that life. That's exactly what this piece is about. "

It seems to me that in our time this piece is very relevant and important. She is an opportunity to stop. Stop really, sit in the theater and stay not only in this "second" world, but at the same time you will end up in your home. I think in our life there are many "surfaces", disappointments, as if in uncertainty, "facade". And this "facade" is often seen as a fundamental value. We have a lot of irony, which looks like some sort of superior to others. But since it is honest, it is much harder than ironic. And, in my perception, this game is just about talking about it. Both artistically and internally, "D. Rabašauskas shared his thoughts.

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