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Politics and business in one: Kaunas utility companies' money flows into Matioshaitis society

Not just a politician, but an entrepreneur

According to a journalistic inquiry conducted by DELFI, it was discovered that Sh. Matioshaitis does not enter into public procurement by utility companies. This company not only participates in them but also wins.

But about everything – from the beginning. A watch. Matioshaitis came to the Kaunas Council with the "United Kaunas" Public Election Committee. But he is not only a politician but also an entrepreneur. A watch. According to the Registry Center, Matioshaitis is the director and owner of UAB Autovici. He has been managing the company since July 2007, when the company was founded.

DELFI familiarized itself with the financial statements of UAB Autovici. Last year, the company's net profit was EUR 517619. 2017 was slightly lower – 383478 Eur. In 2016, earnings were even more modest – 230088 Eur. In 2015, the company achieved a modest result compared to the previous reporting year. Profit was only 8733 Eur.

It should be noted that before the introduction of the euro in 2015. the profit or loss of the enterprise is stated in liters. 2014 result is a profit of LTL 233556. The company’s profit in 2013 was LTL 595,251. In 2012, UAB Autovici reached LTL 319108, 2011 – LTL 137190. And here in 2010, the company even made losses. The losses were 527 liters.

So, after summarizing the business results from 2010, the past year has been the most successful for the company. She has not yet made such a big profit.

Last year, the sale of UAB Autovici amounted to EUR 25,828,501. In 2017, they were € 18,397,323 in 2016. – € 12,627,895 in 2015 – € 8,678,843.

Victory in the procurement of utility companies

DELFI revealed that UAB Autovici benefited from two companies controlled by the Kaunas metropolitan municipality. Here is the joint stock company Kauno Energy 2017. On September 26, 2006, it signed an agreement with a group of economic entities comprising UAB Autovici and Swedbank Leasingas. Cost – 129145,40 EUR.

Šarūnas Matioshaitis

Šarūnas Matioshaitis

© DELFI / Paulius Garkauskas

Kauno Energy states on its website that the largest part of its capital (92.84%) is owned by the city municipality of Kaunas. According to the Centre's registry, V. Matioshaitis has been a member of the company's board of directors since 2015.

Looking at the UAB Autovici offer "On ten new all-purpose cars", it is evident that Kauno has purchased the energy from this company. The offer states that it is a Peugeot Partner 1.6 VTi 98h.

Important information is hidden

However, DELFI found that Kauno Energy's bid for the unit, which contains unit prices hidden in the Central Procurement Information System, does not meet the conditions set by the Public Procurement Office.

The Procurement Office has repeatedly made it clear that the unit price is not confidential information. This was confirmed by VTP leader Diana Vilytė. According to her, price evasion is a misdemeanor.

"This is bad. We treat such things as a breach. We do not record administrative protocols and penalties for such issues, but we try to influence the market by clarifying the situation by revealing missing data. things, what can be confidential in public procurement and what can't. Price is not confidential information. We usually contact the organization in good faith and ask them to obey the order and make a suitable contract, "explained Mrs Vilytė.

Diana Vilytė

Diana Vilytė

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

Why Kauno Energy was asked why the hidden price offer was transferred to the central purchasing information system. Its representatives explained that at that time the VPN had not yet explained that the price was not confidential information.

"We would like to inform you that in 2017, public procurement was carried out in accordance with the then public procurement law, which provided that the price of goods, services or works listed in the tender, excluding parts thereof, would not be considered confidential.

At that time, in the absence of clearer clarification from the Public Procurement Office, the concept of price components was interpreted differently in practice, and when the subject of the procurement consisted of a number of different goods, services or works, the prices were treated as confidential.

Since 2018, when the Public Procurement Office has developed a clear methodology for recognizing confidential information, the prices of goods, services and works are not considered confidential and are made public in all cases, ”said Kauno Energy representatives.

However, after receiving a request from DELFI, Kauno Energy eventually announced prices in the system as required by law.

"To make you more comfortable, We posted the missing contract on the site and provided information in line with current interpretations, ”the company in control, which the municipality reported to the editorial board, said in a letter.

So now we can see the prices offered by Autovica. Unit price excluding VAT – 10419,22 Eur, incl. VAT – 12607,26 Eur. All 10 cars with VAT cost 126072,60 Eur. It is true that the offer also includes Swedbank leasing rates. Leasing services for Kauno Energy cost EUR 3072.8 incl. VAT. The total purchase price is 129145,40 Eur. And most went to UAB Autovica.

DELFI Kauno Energy asked if there were any risks when the son of the mayor of Kaunas City's company participated in the competition.

However, Kauno Energy representatives were reluctant to agree: “In 2017, Kauno Energy AB made a car purchase, its number in the Central Procurement Information System is 327135. The purchase was made in accordance with the then valid version of the Public Procurement Law. Commission. The winner will be selected from the lowest bid of 3 participants. Advertised purchase announcements and reports are publicly available on the site

"Kaunas energy"

© DELFI / Rafael Achmedov

The STT has launched an investigation

Another competition, which Autovics successfully won, was launched by the Kaunas But far farm. He was interested in the Special Investigation Service.

During the investigation, STT 2017 searched the premises of the Kaunas But far farm and the home of Director Marius Zaborsk.

Kaunas Butų Farm back in 2016 In June, it launched a tender for the purchase of 10 cars. Three companies participated in the competition. These include UAB Autovici, owned by Š. Matijošaitis.

After the competition, it was revealed that Kauno Butų Farm had bought 6 cars from UAB Autovici and another four had bought it from Radviliškis.

5-7 year old trucks were purchased from UAB Autovici, whose value ranged from 4.8 to 10.9 thousand. euros. These are four Ford Transit, Peugeot Partner and Fiat Doblo.

At the time, Kaun Mayor V. V. Matioshaitis claimed that all transactions were made through the central UAB Autovici unit in Vilnius, and he knew nothing about the purchase.

"I would know of such an agreement. I would not allow any interpretation," Delphi Matthiasitis said at the time.

Politics and business in one: Kaunas utility companies' money flows into Matioshaitis society

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

Renata Endružytė, spokeswoman for the Special Investigation Service, provided more information on the case. According to her, this pre-trial investigation was launched in 2017. in the spring, according to the notice received. STT officials investigated the facts of potential abuse in UAB's activities Kauno Butų ūkis, analyzing some of the public procurement conducted by Kauno Butų ūkis. However, no allegations were made during the investigation.

"2019th The prosecutor's decision terminated this pre-trial investigation in May with no indication of a crime or misdemeanor. However, the pre-investigation investigation revealed systematic irregularities in public procurement. Therefore, for the sake of positive change and transparency in the activities of UAB Kauno Butų ūkis, material collected during the pre-investigation investigation for alleged systematic violations was moved to the Public Procurement Office under the guidance of the Prosecutor. The Kaunas City Council also addressed a proposal to improve the legal regulation, ”the STT representative explained.

A watch. Matioshaitis: We were and will participate

DELFI Head of UAB Autovici and Member of Kaunas City Council Š. Matiosaitis explained that his company won these tenders only because it offered the best prices. He also took the position that his company would participate in other competitions.

"Authors only win the best conditions you can offer to win the competitions you mention and other competitions. If you were already interested in this topic, you should have found it in the public sphere and our own, but if you haven't found it, I can confirm that, as we participated, continue to participate in all the announcements of the competition and try to win them. a private company would publish them, "explained Š. Matijošaitis.

Visvaldas Matioshaitis

Visvaldas Matioshaitis

© DELFI / Caroline Pansevich

Kaunas City Mayor V. Mathiosaitis said he was estranged from all jobs and did not know what tenders his son's company was winning.

"After becoming Mayor of Kaunas, I left all my businesses to my sons. I am retired from all business affairs and do not know in which competitions companies participate, in which they win and in which they lose. And thinking about some of the influences reminds me of sick fantasies, "said V. Matioshaitis.

For Sh. Matioshaitis Company account – almost 2 million. euros

DELFI watched as Kaunas Sh. The company controlled by Matioshaitis succeeds in other public procurement published by subordinate bodies. According to the central purchasing system, July was a very successful year for the company.

The Defense Resources Agency, with the Ministry of National Defense, signed four contracts with Autović on July 2. The contracts expire on July 2, 2022.

Under these contracts, the Defense Resources Agency procures new vans (purchase price – € 144,316.70), new multipurpose cars (purchase price – € 1,199,250.00), small passenger cars (purchase price – € 351,964.80) from UAB Passenger cars and compact cars (cost – 223.860,00 Eur).

The total value of the four contracts is almost two million euros – 1919390 euros. The value of one in four purchases exceeds one million euros. Looking at Central Procurement System data, the company has not signed any more such profitable contracts lately.

Now let's look at what the Defense Resources Agency is buying in particular. Under the first contract, the seller agrees to sell and deliver 9 new vans. During the contract, the buyer has the right to order another new van.

A look at the highest value contract shows that the government is buying 65 new all-purpose cars at the Ministry of National Defense. Still reserve the right to order up to 10 of them.

In a third deal, the Defense Resources Agency buys 26 small-class passenger cars with hatchback bodywork. The contract also entitles the buyer to order an additional 6 cars.

The latest deal shows that the agency is buying 10 compact-class passenger cars with station wagons. As in the other cases under consideration, he reserved the right to order up to 4 units of such cars.

Asta Galdikaitė, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of National Defense, explained that the Autovici tenders were won because the company had offered the lowest price. She also said that it was not influenced by city policy and that there were no requirements.

"In response to your inquiry, we would like to inform you that all bids have been evaluated on the basis of value for money. According to this company he also won the competition. In addition, Autovici UAB had the lowest bid price on four lots. Neither the leadership of the National Defense System nor the Defense Resources Agency at the Ministry of National Defense discussed these purchases, "a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defense explained.

Among the clients are the institutions subordinated to the ministries

It turns out that Sh. The Matioshaitis Company won not only the tenders of an institution subordinate to the Ministry of National Defense.

Here is November 6 last year. Authors UAB and the National Payments Agency at the Ministry of Agriculture signed 3 contracts. The agency bought 3 cars. The value of two is 17200 Eur. The third is slightly more expensive – 17500 Eur. They all have the same model – the Peugeot 308.

Peugeot 308

© Manufacturer's Archive

On December 7, 2017, prior to the reorganization, Jonava SFE purchased a car from this company for 48380 Eur. For $ 29396.95 on February 1, 2017 from Sh. The Matioshaitis car was also purchased by the State Patient Fund at the Ministry of Health.

According to the procurement office, on August 31, the Interior Ministry Police Directorate also signed an agreement with UAB Autovici. Its value is 711480 Eur. He envisions buying professional cars.

Asked by Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis for comment, DELFI spokesman Thomas Berzhinskas reported that S. Skvernelis had not discussed procurement issues with the mayor of Kaunas. But his good relations with V. Matioshaitis do not seem to have any bearing on the outcome of the competition.

"I want to inform you that the Prime Minister is not aware of any purchases, participants or winners of the Defense Resources Agency. The Prime Minister has no interest or influence in the procurement of this agency or any other body or organization. wrote T. Beržinskas in an editorial.

It is strictly forbidden to use the information that DELFI publishes on other websites, media or elsewhere or for the distribution of our material in any form without consent, and if consent is obtained, DELFI should be cited as the source.

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