Friday , January 22 2021

Stephen Hawking's astrophysic chair was auctioned for nearly 300,000. pounds

The Meteor that dropped from the Moon was at auction for 600,000. dollars

2018-10-20 @ 7:53

The lunar rocket, which fell on the ground in the form of a meteor, is on Friday for more than 600,000. USD (EUR 522 thousand). As announced in Boston […]


Crushed ash will be buried at Westminster Abbey near the Newton and Darwin graves

2018-03-21 @ 8:00

The ashtray of late Stephen Hawking (Steve Hopkins), a legendary physicist and cosmologist, will be buried last week at the Westminster Abbey in London, near the famous British scholar Isaac Newton (Isaac Newton) […]


Einstein's letter to thinking about God at auction can be sold for a million. dollars

15.4.2014 at 6:43

New York auction will sell 1.5 million. A letter written by Albert Einstein (Albert Einstein) with a handwritten note in which the scientist put his thoughts on God worth $ 1.3 million (€ 1.3 million) […]


The Titanic travel letter was sold in the UK at auction

2017-10-23 @ 8: 48

In the UK, selling one of the sunken legendary Titanic passengers to his mother was sold for 126,000. sterling pound ($ 166 thousand). letter […]


The family ring for the baggage market was 650,000. pounds

18.08.2012. U 11:08

The luggage trade, a ring of just 10 pounds and a dozen years, and jewelery jewelry, proved to be extremely valuable. It turned out to be a huge "eye" ring […]


Photo REUTERS-Scanpix

Auctions for 1.4 million Banksy's sales of sold dollars hit himself

10.7.2015 at 9:10

A picture of the famous graphic artist Banksy broke out a few moments after being sold at Sotheby's auction on Friday night at 1.04 million. pounds (1.4 mln. […]


The Queen offers a job – a salary of 30,000. pounds

2017-02-15 @ 13:50

Was the wing constantly untroubled, unhappy and irritable? Do you feel excessive while working hard? It's time to quit and join the Queen of the Queen. Currently, England […]


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One place in Seoul – 10,000. to nearly half a million euros

2016-10-27 at 14:05

One place in the new Sejma could cost about 10,000. to nearly half a million euros, counted "Lietuvos rytas". At a cost, one of the places in parliament was the most expensive work […]


British tenants will have to pay up to 4,000 to pay the rent. pound fine

2018-03-30 @ 12: 42AM

British housing lenders will need to ensure a reasonable level of energy efficiency, including draft protection, in line with the new rules that will come into effect on April 1st. Offenders in England and Wales […]


How many cars Justin Bieber sells at auction?

2017-02-17 at 14:14

The Ferrari Ferrari sports car was sold at an auction in Arizona, which included the same artist Justin Bieber. The car was made according to a special pop star order and […]


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