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The Brazilian GP wins Lewis Hamilton –

Lewis Hamilton

In the twentieth year of this year, Brazilian GP beat Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes. Max Verstappen from Red Bull reaches second finisher, Kimi Raikkonen from Ferrari at the last step of the award winning racecourse". Mercedes won the manufacturer's title for 5 years in a row.

During the Brazilian phase, one of the most famous Formula 1 racers in the race was on the track.

Rubenc Barichello and Felipe Massa.
The air conditions ahead of the Brazilian GP race.

When driving on track Marcus Ericsson, which started at the 6th place, the rear end of the device was damaged, the mechanics tried to carry on the track, the broken pieces were glued or the whole race was unknown. M. Ericsson today starts with the best position in his career.



The start of the race was a great success for Walter Bottle, who took over Sebastian Vettel and went to second place.

Kimi Raikkonen also lost his position for Max Verstappen for a short time, but returned to the ground.

Markus Ericsson, who has lost 3 positions, has started very badly.

Daniel Ricciardo came to second place in the first round.


3 Max Verstapenas surpassed Kimi Raikkonen.

The fourth Dutchman is in front of the second Ferrari Ferrari Sebastian Vettel and is on 3rd place.

To the same extent, Vettel lost another position for his teammate Kimi Raikkonen.

5. Daniel Ricciardo has already dropped sixth place on Charles Leclerc.

9 points Kevin MAgnussen defeated Marcus Erickson, Sweden shortly after losing 4 positions.

Max 10 Verstapenas won 10th Walters Bottom and climbed to 2nd place.

Roller made by Walter Botto.

15. Esteban O Connor surpassed Fernando Alonsa and climbed to 15th.

The 16th rate Fernando Alonso came to change tires, the Spaniard used soft tires, and the ones he placed were the toughest – medium.

19 tires are replaced by Valtter Bottle, middle tire tires set on track and returned to position 9.

Twenty-one tire changes in Lewis Hamilton, he has the toughest tires, the British back on track 7, Max Verstappen leads.

21 points Marcus Ericsson made a mistake and slipped off the track. The Swede retires from the race.

Marcus Ericsson crossed.

The 25th director Lewis Hamilton overcame Charles Leclerc, who has not yet gone to the technical service belt. Brit rose to 5.

The 28-speed tires are replaced by Sebastien Vettle, the German will also use the middle tire and return to the 9th position.

29. Walters Bottom overtook Romain Grosjean and rose to sixth.

30. Sebastian Vettel surpassed Kevin Magnussen and climbed to 8th place. Stoffel Vandoorne from McLaren drove Fernando Alonso at the same rate and moved from the last place.

31 points in Vettel overtook Romain Grosjean.

32 tires replaced by Kimi Raikkonen, returning 7 on the track behind Sebastian Vettel.

34 points from the race draw Nico Hulkenberg, as it turned out later, something went into the cooling hole to start the engine warming up.

35th Sebastian Vettel missed Kimi Raikkonen.

36 tires are finally replaced by Maxua Verstappen. The Dutchman returns to the track behind position 3 behind Lewis Hamilton, but with Max, the soft rubber and Hamilton's "medium".

40th Max Verstappen passes Lewis Hamilton and becomes the leader of the race. Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo replaces tires. Australia returned to the track behind position 6 behind Sebastian Vettel.

The 44th Max Verstapin rate collapsed and slipped off the track when he dropped into Esteban O Connor's circuit. The race leader is Hamilton, and Verstaponent is the other. Walter Bottom surpassed Kimi Raikkonen at the same rate.

Esteban O Connor prevents Max Verstappen from falling.

46, Daniel Ricciardo defeated Sebastian Vettel and moved to fifth place.

54 times a second time for Sebastien Vettle, the German was behind the race for 34 seconds. Vettle returns to the track in position 7, and the tires that were built.

Esteban Oconi in 10 seconds halted / lifted a fine for Max Verstappen.

58, Sebastian Vettel outlived Charles Leclerc and moved to sixth.

59 points Valetti Botta won Daniel Ricciardo. Daniel climbed to position 4.

60th tire changes Valtteri Bottas. He did not miss the placement of soft rubber on him.

61th point Stoffel Vandoorne has strengthened in position 14 over Sergey Sirotkin. Belgo's teammate Fernando Alonso is driving last time. The Spanish catastrophe does not stop, is being explored for the flag of the blue flag.

The remaining 5 wheels left the first 4 in 5.5 seconds before the end.

The race was won by Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes champion in the team.

the results

The final results of the race in Brazil.

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