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The novelist Richard Gavel translates the language of the picture

The artist is not only the first to create illustrations for the work that has become the classical of this literary literature, but also the ambition of transforming the whole novel into a number of drawings in the future.

historical events – in addition to today's current issues

The book of thirty years of written works of the book is often depicted as being in today's Vilnius. The "Vilniaus Poker" illustrations for me are primarily a personal project, which is why the result is very personal – life in the "district", stagnating female typology, market, staircase, blue balconies and other attributes in Vilnius for decades ", says the artist about his illustrations.

The author says he wants to convey the style of writing R. Gavela, when the same story is played by different actors and finally reveals a completely different version of the story. "The work of Richard Gavel, in my eyes, is very visual, his lyrics abound in colors and atmospheres. For me, creativity is very important in the work itself," says Greta Alice.

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Nesukaustyta works and open images

Like Gavel's novels, the illustrations of Grete Alice are often open, do not exacerbate the appearance of an open body, life, and eroticism. "People react very differently. Someone thinks such a work can be visually analyzed, others say that it is self-inflicted," says the artist.

He adds that a few illustrations of his audience led to the discovery of previously unknown works of liturgical literature – many are asked that the litas authors generally deal with such complex topics and that a similar book could have been written in 1989.

"In addition to representing contemporary illustrations, graphic art, art in general, and universal versatility and conceptuality of the theme, strip knjiga the concept of bright colors. The author is marked by the young ironic approach of art and life in which there is some sort of accident, intellectual suffering and shameful laughter in terms of home and material misery. It is influenced by this, because at least Lithuanian art is still highly conceived and supposedly firm, "writes Dr. Greta Alice, Vidas Poškus.

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You want to spend know

His work, Greta Alice, has so far represented at group exhibitions, a year ago at the London Illustrative Fair. "For some reason, the Vilnius Poker players were particularly interested in Asian country visitors. Many have used illustrations in which a hero of a book turns into a dog after death and travels through the city streets – we had to explain what was happening in history, whether it is the national myth of Lithuania, "the illustrator recalled.

He also plans to organize creative workshops for three-dimensional postcards on this weekend's exhibition.

According to Grete Alice, 9 years ago, when she first read "Vilnius Poker," she knew it would be her life project. He has held postgraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius this year and in the future would like to publish a novel dedicated to the novel. know (zina – the principle of self-regulation published in the Limited edition – red)., "I do not intend to consistently illustrate all the books, hardly any such work is needed. I just analyze the work and the book is so full that it looks like halfway," the artist says.

Photo of a personal album

All in all Alice (born 1992) is a young generation of artists who graduated this year in graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius. He also defended his final works by drawing illustrative illustrations of Richard Gavel's work. The artist participates in group exhibitions, organizes 7 personal exhibitions. This year, Greta Alice won the Diploma of Literary Arts Exhibition to illustrate the personal project "Vilnius Poker" in 2016. the Vytautas Jurkūnas award was evaluated. 2017. Richard Gavel's creative inspiration was presented at London's Illusion Fair as well as Kaunas, Siauliai, Mazeikiai and Vilnius.

The exhibition at Gallery "Galera" (Written by St. 2A) will be held on June 11, 2018

Opening of the exhibition on 18.11.2016 at 18.00

Workshop Gallery: II-VI 12-18 hrs

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