“The stork met us here for the first time”

Katažina first learned about the Nakcižibis household by Lake Lavys from her wedding planner when she was looking for a place to rest after the wedding. And there she ate them … stork.

“We said goodbye, we laughed, and then that stork revolved around us for two years, and two years later I learned the news that I was expecting two children,” Katazina said of the symbolic event.

Already after the couple’s first visit, this place left only warm memories, so they unknowingly started going here every year to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Asked if this annual visit to Lake Lavys could already be called a family tradition, Katazina said she would like that tradition to be repeated by both her children and children, until the lake dries up and the host continues.

What is the recipe for a happy marriage? Katzina said she has heard the question quite often in recent days and believes it should be individual for each couple. However, they admit that there is probably no clear recipe for happiness in their relationship, but there is conversation and mutual understanding.

“If someone worries us or makes us happy, we tend to share it,” Katazina said, adding that their age also contributes to building good relationships because they already know what they want and rarely repeat past mistakes.

For K.Zvonkuvienė marriage, a harmonious family is the greatest value instilled by her parents.

“For me, this is the biggest advantage and that is why we live on this earth. We bring children into the world, that generation will change our generation, and the children of our children will change the generation of our children, and that is probably why the whole life and the world are turning around, ”said Katažina.

And he found that he thought long and hard about a harmonious and beautiful family, but admits that such dreams in films are greatly embellished and idealized. He therefore believes that such a fantasy about a relationship often contributes to a breakup if one does not realize that film scripts do not actually exist.

In their family, according to the performers, everything is assessed realistically and she admits that she understands that there can be both bad and good stages for everyone, so she nurtures the family as it is.

“I understand that because of my family, because of what I nurture and what I strive for all my life, I would long, imagine and now I am, I would probably give up everything just to keep it,” Katazina said.

From the beginning of the relationship, the woman noticed that their love was different from what they had felt in the past.

“Then we just noticed it. The foundation, falling in love, and then all that fascination and interest disappeared very quickly. And here it’s the complete opposite. It was nurturing relationships and feelings. I think how much we will invest and how much we will have,” she shared her Katarzyna’s personal experience.

Speaking about his acquaintance with David Zvonkus, Katarzyna remembered that it was definitely not love at first sight. They met when Katazina was composing her first solo album and was looking for a composer to compose a song for her. At that time, D. Zvonkus did not find time for her, but Katažina remembers his helpfulness, politeness and promise to create a song in the future.

At the time, Stano agreed to help her with the album, which, seeing her talent in it, offered to take part in the War of the Choirs project. Behind the scenes, she met D. Zvonkai, who also participated in the project with his choir. Since then, a nice acquaintance of the couple has begun. However, Katažina admits that at first she did not even imagine that something more could develop from this friendly communication.

During the seven years of marriage, Katarzyna and David have been through a lot, and their feelings are only getting stronger.

“He still looks at me with such eyes that I can still get lost and utter words that make me cry,” Katazina said.

The contractor said that with the arrival of the children and the time taken away from the household, sensitivity remained in their relationship. She hinted that she had not forgotten to nurture another tradition.

“We have a tradition of congratulating each other on the 26th of the month with our day.

And it wasn’t a month in 10 years that we didn’t write a message or call each other at five o’clock because we were going on a date for the first time at five o’clock, ”the famous performer said.

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