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The villagers feel that they are left lucky in luck: let everything be near

Vytautas rebuilds

The legend of Republic Perloji (November 13, 1918 – May 2, 1919), living in the church district, is not exactly the same as the smaller, forgotten corner of God and power. Cars come to the store one by one, and locals meeting in the middle of the central square are delighted that the Vytautas Veliki Monument, which Perlojiskis kept during the Soviet era, was handled by Vilnius's restorers.

Asked whether to finish the job before the State Day, in order for the Perlojans to sing the national song of a restored monument, restorer Vytautas Norkūnas said, "If time permits, we will at least try to get off the stairs to bring all the beauty. We now paint the monument and then save it. We did it 20 years ago, now I'm working it again for another time. "



© Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius

1931 On July 19, a monument with the inscription "Vytaute Didysai," you will live until one of the Lithuanians is alive, "even when all the signs of Lithuanian statehood from the towns and villages have been eradicated, and the stories have become so in 20 the end of folklore.

He wanted to put Stalin's head on

The Perlojian rum met on a square that remembered climbing on the scaffolds of a restaurateur during adolescence, when the monument was first run after the independence.

Then I sat on Vytautha's head. Older people told me that in the past Vitaut's sword was raised. But when the Poles were on that side, he was angry that he raised the sword against Poland and asked him to drop it. He said the Russians embarked upon the war and wanted to put Stalin's head. And he could not slip because here secondary rail rails are made up, "said Rome.

Penelope Pencil, who introduced her to the bench, told her she refused to continue working in Lithuania as a mobile messenger.

"I left such a job for 600 euros on paper, but I have to take everything from Varėne, and now I get 400. Instead of three, there will be one, I'm just one of hundreds of newspapers and where are my retirements. for the cemetery. We're all left out of business, "she did not hide.

The mysterious Roman dog, hidden from the sunny sun beneath the bench, had, as it turned out, an unusual name for the village – Anubis.

"The guard of the dead souls," Rome explained.

Temporary Leader: How can a cultivated person enter such a hole?

In the Perlo Mail Mail Window: "From this, on July 5, his temporary and last boss, R. Ciūnys, already packs the goods left in the boxes, and when he sees a person with the camera, he gets into acquaintance.

"Uždarykim whiskey and a loser how many churchesand then we came to the conclusion that we make a home for grandparents and grandparents, and everything, "he says, wondering how the locals react to the message that they will have to look for mail in Varenna after a week.

According to R. Ciunis, Perlo's mail repair has not been seen for at least 30 years.

by post

by post

© Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius

"There are no water, no toilets, and the water in the winter freezes when you want coffee in the morning? All postings will be closed and mobile – you will have to send a shipment or a letter to the person who will call it. Nothing above, "said the mailman.

The consumer flow rate at Perlo's post office peaked most when village shops began collecting utility bills.

"They must be there before, and paper is still needed for shipping." I had a postman in Nedzingė so there was no Perlo terminal in the store, so people left and went to the mail. And here are those who are eagerly awaiting retirement, even though we are still bringing them home. I just opened the post and waited for it, "said R. Ciūnys.

"And here was a remote phone that called the entire Soviet Union when we ordered the conversation," the room chief of the shower room with a few empty boxes.

There were or probably existed three employees at Perlo's post before closure. Asked what will happen after July 5, R. Ciunis said, "Dedicated Goddess of danceand the bread will give it. "

The mayor of the District speaks against the plans of the Lithuanian mail

Deputy Mayor Varėna Rūta Averkesė said that she was in charge of it on June 18. A meeting of Lithuanian representatives with the postal offices of the Varena region was held, where they were introduced to the implementation of mobile postal services. It is planned to close all post offices in the district and work only at post offices in Varna and Merkina.

The mayor of Varėna Algis Kaşēta opposes such Lithuanian plans.

"Nearly a month ago, Jurgita Strelkova, representative of the Lithuanian province of Alytus and Juozas Raulušaitis, the head of Varėne Post, visited the municipality. They announced plans to close the Cable and Pergola postal offices in July. We did not support this proposal, and they did not listen to the municipality and did not listen to us, they just "built against the facts." The fact that almost all post offices will soon be closed in the Varėna district is not mentioned at all. Such behavior is unbearable, "the mayor said.

According to A. Kašti, refusing to handle a reliable postal system will not provide high-quality service to district residents. In addition, more than 30 people are in the mailbox and it is unclear how many of them will work.

About the activities of the Lithuanian deputy mayor Varėna says he intends to talk to Communications Minister Roku Masiulis.

Head of Department: The post office is not a building

Vaida Budrien, Head of Corporate Affairs of Lithuania, says that currently only two mails – Perle and Kabel – are closed in the Varna district.

"They are in very poor condition, huge postal offices, with 4 to 6 buyers a day. Almost 70% of the postal services are already delivered to the houses by posters of these postal offices. I would like to emphasize that the Lithuanian post office only refrains rooms that are no longer needed for quality postal services, "said V. Budrienė.

According to Lithuanian post, Perth and Kabela villagers, all postal services will continue to deliver postal items, and from October, services will be provided by a mobile sender who will be able to call the home for any Lithuanian mail service.

– No mail will disappear from the community. The post office is not a building. Mail is a service we are trying to bring to the population more than ever before. Not only in mobile homes, but also in cities with intense auto-expansions so that customers can use postal services at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, said Mr Budrien.

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