Monday , July 26 2021

There is a pop culture and street style that connects Moschino [tv] h & m "collections

"Moschino [tv] h & m "is a perfect partnership in today's fashion world that combines pop culture, street style, logos and luxury, this collection is full of lively, cheerful, humorous and compelling. dogs.

Moschino's mission is to play with fashion. It is no surprise, therefore, that the collection has original silhouettes, unexpected shapes, and a lively sense of humor with which all collection models are deeply embedded. Mania is a trademark of the famous golden logo, dress decorated with Jeremy's favorite Disney cartoon characters, playful co-operation with MTV and the excitement of live Italian entertainment – all about endless enjoyment. Each model conveys a creative passion for Moschin's creative heritage and pulsates the contagious energy of pop culture from which the brand has become an integral part of this designer coming to work as a creative leader.

"I'm very happy about Moschin [tv] h & m. "I've been working my whole life to get in touch with people in fashion, and this opportunity for co-operation will enable me to come to a greater number of my fans than I could do so far," says Jeremy Scott, creative director of the famous fashion house.

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