Saturday , January 23 2021

Tragicomic performance comes to Kaunas – you want to cry and laugh at tears

Tragicomic, open and intimate performance, awarded by the young generation of dramatist Birutė Kapustinskaitė, arrives in Kaunas for the best drama of the year "Therapy" – The Golden Cross.

The first stage for the stage is the talented, strongest and brightest female actors in the theater: Nelė Savičenko, Rasą Samuolytė, Viktorija Kuodytė, Aldona Vilutytė, Oneida Kunsvė, Miglė Polikevčiūtė, Indra Patkauskaitė, Severina Špakovskė, Vilma Raubaitė and Gintarė Latvėnaitė.

Actors create intimate and open relationship with the public – they hide nothing, tangle distance, talk about the closed life of a woman in the hospital section – which they can not access, but when they leave indifferent, they want to cry and laugh at tears.

Theatrical and film actor, director, director, Kirill Glushayev, artistic director of the Next Angle improvisation theater, directly invites the viewer, displaying a movie plan with a big plan – face to face, without fear of humor, household, and no fear of stopping.

Hero games "Therapies" are not just faced with their anxiety and spirit, but also with the greatest challenge – character, and sometimes incompatible look. This makes this game exceptional, comical and proof of the most important things – humanity.

"Therapy" is more than a simple piece of the game. The drama creates a world of goods incredibly convincing, transforming it into universal – good drama encourages recognition of recognition: it is even harder to find them, even to them! In this little and somewhere in the last world, as well as elsewhere, the hierarchies that were created, sharing the attitudes, the woman who overwhelmed the tragedy mitigated the comedy of everyday life, and the constant anxiety about the future, "wrote critics Vaidas Jauniškis about the performance on the" Texture " .

Ieva Tumanovičiūtė, a critic of the 7th Art Days newspaper, noted that the director had created conditions for a close encounter between actors and viewers. "With minimalist means, the director has done everything to make the actress and audience feel necessary for each other," she said.

What is it? Performance of "therapy".

Where? Kaunas Cultural Center "Narodna kuća".

When? 27th November 18.30.

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