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& # 39; Hunter killer & # 39; gets permission to release Russia

4:49 AM PST 11/8/2018


Nick Holdsworth
Vladimir Kozlov

The thriller with main actors Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman for the premiere in Moscow on Thursday after a week of delays.

Hunter killer, a Hollywood thriller, in which American troops save the Russian president, was given permission to exhibit in Russia after last week's revelation from the theater in the country.

Hunter killer, starred by Gerard Butler as the navy captain of the US Navy trying to prevent the 3rd World War after being taken by the Russian president as a secret by the defense minister during the rifle blast will be announced on Thursday, a week after originally due to his Russian premiership.

Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky confirmed that the film would be licensed but criticized the film.

"This is a banal, boring, and ultimately stupid movie," Medin said. "If anyone goes to see it, they will only have compassion for the two lost hours."

Megogo Distribution, a distributor of the film, confirmed he was granted a license. The film should be open Thursday night on 70 screens in Moscow and more locations throughout Russia, though the national figure is unavailable.

The film also starred by Gary Oldman was taken before the planned Russian premiere last week when the ministry of culture told the distributor that it did not show that he had conveyed a copy of the film "For permanent storage in the Russian State Film Fund".

Others, including opposition politicians and commentators of social media, suggested that officials were trying to block the film for displaying a fictional scenario in which the Kremlin leader was removed.

The popular independent online magazine wrote: "There must be fear that the film can push the viewers to the idea that the president could, in principle, be rejected and the sky will not fall."

Russian authorities have succeeded in preventing the release of movies that are considered abusive. Earlier this year, the liberation of satire by Armando Iannucci Death of Stalin, was stopped for allegedly entertaining in the Soviet past.

Hunter killer also faced problems in neighboring Ukraine that had poor relations with Russia since Moscow annexed Crimea 2014. Because of its release on October 25, it failed to obtain a distribution license under local law prohibiting films depicting "Russia's military power."

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