Saturday , September 18 2021

Big Hit Music clarifies that BTS’s “butter” has no copyright issues

The BTS agency addressed the copyright issues raised in connection with the butter.

Earlier, it was said on the internet communities that part of “Butter” has the same melody as part of Luce Debonaire’s song “You Got Me Down” from 2020.

Luca Debonaire shared via social media that he bought the top line in 2019 from Sebastian Garcia, who is also credited with composing “Butter”. This raised questions of potential copyright issues with singer-songwriter Sebastian Garcia who has the same top line used in two separate songs.

In response, Big Hit Music released the following statement:

It has been confirmed that there are no copyright issues with the butter. It is a song that was finalized and released after going through the process of confirming with all the songwriters that there is no problem with the song and also no problem regarding the rights of the song.

However, we are aware of the claim that there is a copyright issue, but even if this is the case, the music rights still belong to “Butter”.

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