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Hamilton brings humor at a press conference: "You do not know me"

Lewis Hamilton never gives up. By following the true championship mentality, the Formula 1 World Leader fights for everything he can. The journalist asked whether he would be satisfied that he would not win at the Sunday Austrian Grand Prix. Hamilton's response caused a lot of smile at the press conference.

Hamilton is questionable whether he would consider giving up because he already runs the world championship and does not need a fight.

"You're not long here, right? I do not think you know me." Hamilton answered laughingly with other journalists in the room. "Those of you who know me know me a bit better, I would say, of course, I am trying to have a balanced approach between aggression and conservatives, and of course tomorrow I will fight for victory, this is ultimately the goal and it would not there should be nothing more and nothing less.

"As I said, it will not be easy to get close to passing through Ferrari. I think they were very fast all weekend, but a course, I will give her absolutely everything. I do not always like to agree on anything else but first. "

Hamilton will start the race of P4 despite having got a network of three seats. That is why the Mercedes driver will also have to beat Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen before they arrive to Charles Leclerc.

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