Tuesday , March 2 2021

Is WWE Real or Fake? Does that really mean it?

Is WWE and Professional Wrestling Generally – Real or Fake? An old question that no one can give is the final answer. The technical answer is yes, but that's far more than that.

Is WWE Real or Fake? I wrote to Vince McMahon for all the 1989 case-oriented case submitted to the American Athletics Commission. McMahon described his industry as an "activity in which participants are fighting in the first place, primarily for the purpose of providing entertainment to viewers, rather than conducting a bona fide athletic competition," which led to professional wrestling deregulated by the US government. The word "false" was not found anywhere.

Is WWE Real or Fake? It's a sporting party. The matches are predetermined and interactions among the rivals are mostly written. Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin did not really hate each other. Undertaker and Kane are not exactly brothers. Samoa Joe did not disturb the AJ Styles family. But strangely, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart hated, Usos was real brothers in real life, and Chris Jericho really hit a woman's leg of mouth. No script could produce those moments.

Is WWE Real or Fake? Many of their careers ended up with injuries related to wrestling. Edge had to retire in 2011 because he left his neck after years of fake battles. Paige ended her career shortly after Sasha Banks broke her neck with very dirty drops. Seth Rollins also injured Finn Balor ad Sting in two separate cases because he gave each of them a devastating – but still very falseBucklebombs, forcing Balor to leave his newly won Universal Championship and Sting to officially hang on his boots. You would have thought the wrestlers could not hurt themselves when they were just throwing false kicks, did not they?

Is WWE Real or Fake? Owen Hart missed a 78-degree drop when he headed for the ring In your house 1999He dropped the first thorax at the top of the rope, killing him immediately. His death was not part of the work. Mick Foley approached death every time he was in the ring. He lost part of his ear during a match with Vader and lost his tooth during the Undertaker match. These parts were not written on the script. And just two weeks ago, Roman Reigns announced he had another leukemia battle. No wrestler, or anybody else in his real mind, might be lying to cancer just because of a fake show.

Is WWE Real or Fake? John Cena has approved more than 500 wishes for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. He met dozens of his faithful fanbase and made them feel a lot better about himself. So is Seth Rollins. So are Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. So is Dolph Ziggler and countless others. These Superstars have made these childhood dreams to see the real superhuman reality. It's not too shabby for these people who put their bodies on the line just to make stupidity. By the way, those interactions were not written either.

Is WWE Real or Fake? Two days after the notorious attack on September 11, WWE was the first company to gather Americans to emerge and demonstrate the country's challenge. NBA, NFL, UFC, or any of the "real" sports companies is not, but a fake muscular show has done. WWE has raised a lot of money for worthy causes like cancer research and anti-intimidation campaigns. For a company that is constantly ridiculed by nonsense and unreal, they certainly bring a lot of positive and very real effects to their fans and the community as a whole.

So, for the last time, is WWE real or fake? This is completely false, but I would argue that it is one of the most beloved things you will ever experience in your life, the period.

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