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Mark Reason: Novak Djokovic is too unhappy to ever be called the greatest

OPINION: Novak Djokovic returns to All England as a veteran champion, number one player in the world, a man with three Wimbledon titles in the last five years – and YET. What a horrible couple of words for the Serbs. Yet. There is almost eastern european "nye". No, Djokovic is not fond of.

There was always something about Djokovic who disagreed with Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal. We know that this is not Djokovic's tennis game. This is happening, especially against Nadal. Djokovic destroyed Spain at the beginning of the year in the Australian Open final.

No, that's a matter of style. Everything about the Serb is only a little bit. It starts with a hairdryer. It's like cutting poodle & # 39; Action Man & # 39 ;. It's an army. Has hair moved in the last 10 years? The score must be meaningful for tennis. No flop of hair did not fall into your eyes. But it's not Borg or McEnroe or Gerulaitis or Federer or Nadal. It's all just a little bit more Ivan Lendl.

Watching Novak Djokovic for playing tennis is like watching a machine.


Watching Novak Djokovic for playing tennis is like watching a machine.

Then there are the clothes. Now I know that Federer can sometimes be ridiculous. RF logos and suits and gold pipes. One day, the Swiss arrive with a batler wearing a puddle on the ground. But at least something happens, but how painful, but kicks.

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But with Djokovic you sometimes think that "Nola & # 39; an abbreviation for Nostyle. He has those creased wrinkles in his clothing that never moves. And they always look completely new. While Nadal cascades on his corsage, Djokovic looks like a boy who goes to school for the first time.

And no matter how unfair it is, we do not like our heroes look like they just left the package. We want George Best to place charm and charm all over the world. We want Bjorn Borg to swing to nightclubs and then to play the next morning of tennis from the gods. We want to live a dream.

But perhaps what defines Djokovic as much as he is the way he plays tennis. When he won Nadal in Melbourne, he was very relentless. Djokovic continued to drive backhands to Nadal's forehand corner, denying the fugitive forhand who likes to play from the other wing. Its length was meaningless. The flight was flat. Djokovic took the time. Yet. It was like looking at the machine.

It was one of the most brilliant grand slam performances in the past ten years, yet it left you cold. I still had a picture in my head watching Djokovic's practice a few hours before the semi-finals match, and he got tetchier and tetchier. He simply could not hit a wide, flattering server in the court favor. The machine was defective.

Swiss Roger Federer has his style.


Swiss Roger Federer has his style.

And that should not happen. Surely not in Australia. Park Melbourne is the area where Djokovic dominates. There he won seven times. It's even a springboard. Negates the spin. Djokovic can hit the ball knowing that Nadal is bad, the genius spinners will not come as a red powder in Paris.

Even Djokovic's movement is somewhat stiff. There is the one-legged shot that is played with one leg on a rigid corner or the awkward slide that looks like it will divide, but in a clumsy, accidental manner. He does not have the favor of Federer or the muscular Ramba of the hardest Nadal.

Nick Kyrgios says everyone wants a little Roger in his game. Again, that's a matter of style. This is the ability to look heavy in the absurdity of ease. Nadal plays mindbending spinners that we can not imagine and Andy Murray is a favorite player. Federer has that divine grace. Djokovic continues to strike the footage that most of us may sometimes hit, but it does with a percentage close to 100 percent. It's ungodly.

Rafael Nadal owns clay and French Open.


Rafael Nadal owns clay and French Open.

Beauden Barrett will always love more than Naas Botha or Grant Fox because he does things that are not on the list. Michael Holding had the grace that Jeff Thomson could not see in his dreams. Muhammad Ali was a pretty boxer, while rigid-armed boxers Lennox Lewis and Vladimir Klitschko never got the "sugar" name. Ngolo Kante is a major antenatal agent in the world, but loser of the World Cup Luka Modric won Ballon d or because he plays a nice game.

It's a matter of style, and at Wimbledon, which will for the first time have the fifth set tie break in 12-12, there is plenty of that. Final set 60-58 is a thing of the past. But will you have the last to remember. Is it possible with Djokovic? Last year's quarter-finals and semi-finals were huge, but for the third consecutive year the men's finals ended in flat sets.

But if Djokovic reappears, and he begins with an almost equal coin, can we make the thought of starting to think that he is perhaps the greatest ever. Is The Winning Sufficient? Do statistics triumph over human factors.

Djokovic holds Wimbledon's trophy after winning the men's final against Kevin Anderson last year.


Djokovic holds Wimbledon's trophy after winning the men's final against Kevin Anderson last year.

Kyrgios tells Djokovic: "He is the champion in sport, one of the greatest we will ever see. I honestly think he will get a big account. I think Federer will pass … No matter how big a win he will never be the greatest just because I played it twice and I'm sorry, but if you can not win me, you're not the greatest of all time.

… Federer will always be the greatest of all time. "

And we know where Aussie comes from, but is that correct? When the first Rafa Nadal and now Djokovic were at their best, Federer could not stay with them. Nadal possesses clay. Djokovic possesses plexiglass. Uh. Even it sounds ugly. Does Federer own it?

Well in concrete. Federer has not won the US Open for more than 10 years. So he is the king of grass. Well, no. In the last 11 years, when Djokovic and Nadal were no longer children, Djokovic won four Wimbledon titles, Federer three, Nadal two and Murray one and Olympic gold on All England's beam. It is an even spread.

Luckily, the nine-year-old caught Kyrgios on last week's Queen's tournament and asked Kyrgios about this business size.

"Who is better at tennis, you or Andy Murray?" young Vuk Vitic asked.

Kyrgios replied: "Andy Murray is safe, his record is five and one against me, he is the Grand Slam champion, one of the greatest times I think."

Vuk said, "Do not forget Novak Djokovic."

Who? "Kyrgios replied.

"Novak Djokovic," Vuk said

"Who is that?" Kyrgios said.

"He is a Serbian tennis player."

"Oh yes, I think I know it."

This is cocaine, but there is human truth there. We know that Donald Bradman was the greatest batsman of all time, but those who saw him did not feel that their soul was fed by the divine source. The same is Đoković. Federer fills our senses while John Denver sings. Ali Đoković.


This is a question we have never answered.

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