Wednesday , March 3 2021

Melake police will consider the reasons for issuing the mixture to the driver delivering the food

MELAKA: The condition of the driver who delivered the food to which the complex was issued due to the violation of the traffic control order is attracting the attention of the state police.

Deputy Committee Datuk Abdul Majid Mohd Ali (picture) said he would check the justification for issuing a date to 29-year-old Michel Un Chee Wee on Jan. 22.

“I will check the status and reason,” DCP Abdul Majid said when contacted on Monday night (January 25th).

When interviewed, Un said he parked his car at Jalan Eyes from Malaysia in Kota Laksamani here on Friday, January 18, at 10:50 p.m.

“Three plainclothes officers then approached me and asked me what I was doing on the spot.

“I explained to them, I was waiting for the next food order to be delivered, and the restaurant I worked at was only five minutes away from where I parked,” he said.

Un said he even told police he received a letter from his employer showing he was in charge of food delivery.

“The restaurant has numerous orders during the MCO and each time I have to wait for the next delivery on site,” he said.

Un said he received a monthly salary of 1,400 RM as a delivery driver.

“A mixture of 1,000 RM can only be paid in two installments,” he said.

Un then decided to seek the help of Kot Laksamana Low Chee Leong MP.

“I have to thank the police chief in Melaka for looking at me in trouble,” he said.

Low said he would bring Un in on Tuesday (January 26th) to meet with DCP Abdul Majid.

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