Sunday , June 20 2021

Pochettino would rather not send players to international office

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino would no longer send his players to international office if he had a choice.

Spurs are struggling through a tough tournament of five games in 13 days, culminating in the Premier League's Saturday Crystal Palace.

They had to do this with a long list of injuries, which saw them among others robbed by Dele Alli, Eric Dier and Christian Eriksen.

Alli managed the luggage problem, Dier missed the last three games with a thigh injury, and Eriksen did not fully recover from abdominal injury, but all three invited their country to play next week.

This is not ideal for Pochettino, not to mention the other players who are still playing the step with an extended effort on the World Cup but have no choice but to reject them.

"Yes, it is true that you told me that you would like all of my international players to stay here and rest for two weeks without competition, I would say," he said.

"But that's impossible. That's why we talked about Del Alli and Christian Eriksen and international duty before.

Eric Dier has been called for England, despite missed last Tottenham Hotspots (Nick Potts / PA)

"It's a game, play, then move them there and play again. If you see our schedule for the next few months it will be so difficult. How do you manage it?

"I understand that we have to sacrifice some games for some players in order to cope with future demand."

Dier was named in Gareth Southgate's England squad for matches against the United States and Croatia shortly after Spurs confirmed he was capable of a recent injury.

With Mousa Dembele for the rest of 2018, Dier will seem to come straight back to the side of Selhurst Park.

Even if he does not play, Spurs have no power to hold him.

"If fit and manager calls him, he has to go," Pochettino added.

"If fit, but I decide not to put him in the starting XI, we will need permission from the team."

Despite the injuries he saw Victor Wanyama, Danny Rose and Jan Vertonghen, Spurs recorded the best start of all Premier League games, eight wins in 11 games.

Pochettino has designed it using multiple players from any other side and finally feels happy with his back-up players.

"Of course, now every time I decide to select the starting XI I have a name that I feel comfortable to play," he added.

"This is so important, because football competition is an important thing that puts pressure on yourself, not just pressure on coach staff, fans, and clubs.

"It's from your teammate." If you're not ready, I'll take my place "& # 39;

"The most important thing is when players are beginning to feel pressured by their teammates who are pushing you to move and be aware and responsible to increase your level. This is a very good thing that happens in teams that need to win."

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