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Rousey-Becky, Elias-Jeff Jarrett of Road Dogg, Strowman vs. McIntyre, Lesnar-Rollins Corner, Mojo Rawley, Angle-Corbin, Seth and Triple H, Jax, Balor-Lashley –

Kurt Angle (Artistic Credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)

Starting segment – HIT: Surov started out very well with Seth Rollins, who talked about winning the Royal Rumble last night. He gave a great promotion to put things out and put the idea that he did not decide which Champion would bring on WrestleMania. Triple H was also good at setting the idea that Rollins should make the decision to the end of the show. This has sparked the rest of the show. When Dean Ambrose came out, I was worried that he would try to challenge him for the title at WM, so I was relieved when it was just a match. This also set Rollins against Ambrose after the first ad.

Rollins vs. Ambrose – HIT: That was good. It was quite unilateral, but in the wake of the news that Ambrose will leave WWE in April, it makes more sense. It was logical for Rollins to win a strong win to continue his momentum coming out of Rumble. This led to the conflict with Ambrozia and allowed him to continue.

Jax Fighting Men – MISS: I was not a fan of Nia Jax's engagement in male Royal Rumble for several reasons. I do not like the idea that women and men are fighting each other. That was one of the reasons why I stopped watching Lucha Underground. I'm not comfortable watching him. After finishing my fifth, like Ambrose, it did not make much sense to me, for she was the fifth one. When I heard about Ambrose leaving WWE, I thought they did it just as a punishment for him, because he did not sign again for what was meaningless. I just do not like where she might go with it. Jax's match against Tamina against Alex Bliss & Mickie James was solid. It was not Miss, but not Hit. It is hurt by the heel and heel dynamics.

Kut protiv Corbina – MISS: Kurt Angle should no longer wrestle. I'm not interested in seeing it. When it does, that should be special. That should be a big deal. This should not happen only in a random episode of Rawa. His quarrel with Baron Corbin was back in months, so he should have been on the PPV. But when I saw the match, it was easier for me not to be a PPV. It was only 4 minutes and Angle lost. The musicians were very difficult to talk about that this was the end of his career that seemed to set the retirement point. He is thinking about Ric's Flair for retirement and what is the original idea for that story, if I remember well. The idea was that after a series of losses such as Angle followed, Flair said he would lose the next time, pull back. It turned into Vince McMahon who stated that Flair would have to retire the next time he was lost. But WWE could now easily go to this other story for Angle. I suppose if this leads to a real story that leads to a retirement meeting at WM then it will be better and more meaningful. But I still do not want to watch Angle so much in the ring.

Balor – Lashley – HIT: Finn Balor held a good promotional talk about keeping his head high despite losing out to Brock Lesnar in the Universal Title game last night. Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley came to an end and worked well to give both of them a new opponent. Lashley vs. Balor for the Intercontinental Championship has a lot of potential to be a good companion for both men. The beating eventually added more heat to Lashley. But it was very similar to what would have happened at the end of the show between Lesnar and Rollin.

Elias, Jarrett, Dogg – MISS: Trying with Elijah as part of the baby was unsuccessful. She has never been able to turn her figure out of the popular heel into the baby's part. So, I'm so glad they're coming back to him so fast. It will not make much sense when turning to a retired wrestler like Jeff Jarrett. Of course, she got a good reaction but where did she go? Yes, the fans screamed "holy shit" when they saw Jarrett and his old Roadie Road Dogg together but with what purpose? Will we see Elias against Jarrett, or Elias vs Road Dogg? That would be really bullshit. So, I'm not looking forward to seeing where they are going with Elijah.

Mojo Rawley – HIT: I give this Hit in the hope that this is actually the beginning of something good for Mojoja Rawley. He has talent and he has carried out this promotional conversation with himself in the mirror. But, I do not have much faith that WWE at this time will hold any kind of incentives for him.

Ronda Rousey – MISS: WWE and Ronda Rousey were supposed to be ready for this audience's response. It seemed to me like a night after a Maniac audience, and because of the popularity of Becky Lynch they should have anticipated this reaction and prepared Rousey for it. Instead, she came across as a deer in the headlights when she was faced with boos and "Becky" tricks. She did not know what to do, and she even admitted that the fans made her stumble on her words. It's the same reaction you'll get on WM and in certain crowds, especially when it directly communicates with Becky. We hope WWE works with Rousey to help her deal better because she has not been here. She looked as if she was about to turn things around when she was talking about Becky. I thought he would win the audience a bit by pronouncing a strong statement like "talking about Becky, I hope he will choose me, because I want to face the best and the moment is the best." she talked about it and stopped again and completely lost. He had never reached the point where he had opened his own challenge, but WWE had to send Bayley early to save the segment.

The match that followed Bayley's Rousey contest for the title Women was not good. She was firm. I will not give her Miss, but not Hit. Rousey was just in that game. The part was selling the leg and injuring the hands, which meant that it had almost to be disgusting to sell the injury. That made sense for the story, but it was not pleasant to look at. They had some good places. Bayley looked strong. It was not bad. But considering how much Rousey against the Bank was a good night before, I was expecting a very good match here.

Man – HIT: There was a clear winner and a clear loser in the night between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey. Lynch appeared as the main star in the company. It was great in proclaiming that he would face Rousey for the title of a raw woman at WM. She showed here why the fans were very behind her. It seemed that the fans did not dare to go to Asuka the previous night. I'll say that after so excited fans and after a disappointing match against Bayley, I give Rousey's credit for the end of the segment very well. In her answer, she was slightly stumped. But, overall, that response was good. She stepped in and ended up on a much stronger note. Her final statement was great and she was quite redeemed after a bad performance. It made me look at them struggling even more than before. That's the main event at WrestleMania.

Strowman vs. McIntyre – MISS: WWE wants to push baron Corbin and I understand he's got a strong reaction from the heel. But I honestly believe that this is mostly a heat departure. She is not good at what she is doing. His matches are not good. His work with the microphone is not strong. So, I do not want to see it in multiple segments on the same show. So, I did not want to see to get involved in this match between Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre. The game itself was good as Corbin did not turn on and provoked disqualification. I'm sick and tired of the WWE booking games where I can not lose any wrestler. There were too many such finishes to lose one wrestler, including Strowman's match with Balor last week. Besides, McIntyre should be a top star. I hope to win the John Cena on WM. It was down to me by connecting it with Corbin. And finally, if they get that match against the WM Price, and become the top of the heck on the crude as it should be, he must be strong and must win his clash against Strowman. But I do not think the WWE will do that.

Lesnar – Rollins – MISS: The final segment started well with Paul Heyman who addressed Seth Rollins for WM opponents and made the case that Rollins chose Daniel Bryan. But we never got that choice from Rollin. He probably chose Lesnar, but I'd like Rollins to actually pronounce him. And Rollins pulled him out. They begin to build so that Rollins looks like David on Lesnar's Goliath, immediately after making the same story with Balor and Lesnar. I'd like to see Rollins better than Lesnar here. There are a few months to get Lesnar back and look dominant as he did here. It would be a good time for Rollins to get up and actually make a statement that would cause Lesnar to become a universal title on WM.

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