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Samsung's folding smartphone Galaxy F gets in 3D

Image Kindness: LetsGoDigital


  • The 3D render displays double screens and a hinge similar to the surface book
  • Galaxy F is expected with a 7-inch AMOLED display and 4-inch cover
  • Samsung's new interface design for a single user interface will be launched

Last week, Samsung revealed its first fully armored smartphone with Infinity Flex at its developer conference. But it was only partially discovered because the participants had to see the screen only while the rest of the design was hidden. Since then, we have seen several genres and conceptual videos that imagine what the final product looks like. Joining the list is LetsGoDitigal that this week put some new 3D render folding smartphones this week to further assist our imagination as we wait for it to run.

The 3D render released by LetsGoDitigala is based on patent drawings, not CAD design. It detects the device in a folded and unfolded form. When released, the picture shows a large 7-inch AMOLED screen extending from edge to edge. The top frame looks thicker so it can host the camera and eventually some other sensors. The Infinity Flex screen fits into the armor mode, but does not completely overlap directly thanks to a wrist-like surface book.

When folded, the cabinet displays a smaller AMOLED display on the cover that will act as a smartphone screen. It is surrounded by a large number of frames, which makes it similar to what Samsung presented last week. That being said, Samsung's final version can reduce frames everywhere to make it more current. Conceptual Video Concept The creator recently imagined a cover on the lid that came with very thin frames around it, which looks much more appealing.

Samsung plans to launch a folded phone called Galaxy F in March after the Galaxy S10. It will run on a new design of a single user interface that offers a minimalist interface with the ability to run three applications simultaneously. Recent reports also claim that the Galaxy F will cost incredible 2 million wins (around 1.28 thousand). Samsung's mobile phone company, DJ Koh, said the company is planning to produce at least one million units of folding phone at its initial stage.

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