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Statistics showing why Aaron Wan-Bissaka is the perfect right-winger for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Man United

Aaron Wan-Bissaka finished his 50m pound move to Manchester United on Saturday (Picture: Getty)

After weeks of negotiations, Manchester United finally managed to lower one of Olea Gunnar Solskjaer's best summer goals by securing Aaron Wan-Bissake's signature from Crystal Palace in a huge 50 million pound.

The 21-year-old becomes the sixth most expensive signing of United and is just another Englishman who broke the £ 50m barrier, unbelievably following another right blow, Kyle Walker, who spends £ 53m in Manchester City as he switched from Spurs in 2017.

Amazingly, given the huge amount of transfer fee, Wan-Bissaka is still relatively novice in the professional football sense because he has only 46 appearances in the first team and will still not have a high international appearance in his career.

Consequently, the decision of United to drop off a large part of their transfer budget on the right back with only one full season behind them, some thought it was quite a big risk, but Solskjaer seemed confident that Wan-Bissaka could solve the club's long-standing return problem.

Ron Aaron is one of the best upcoming defenders in the Premier League. He has the right work ethic, talent and mentality to play for Manchester United and matches exactly the type of player we want to introduce to the team to help us improve and keep going, "he said after revealing Wan-Bissake.

Although Wan-Bissakin's fee – somewhat unfair – to increase pressure on him to immediately appear at Old Trafford next season, his campaign statistics from 2018-191 emphasize why Solskjaer and his bosses considered that signing gambling was worthwhile.

Defensive demon

Speaking recently about his current team-mate, Crystal Palace's wing and former United player Wilfried Zahi, told Wan-Bissak: "I played against several decent right backs, to be honest, and he is one of them. he always gets the last time.

"I do not understand how to go from side to side, because he is so good at defending, but I think that's his natural position."

Former Wilfried Zaha greeted defense defender Wan-Bissake (Picture: Getty)

After Eden Hazard replaced the Premier League with La Ligue after moving to Real Madrid, Zaha is now the undisputed dribble of the King's Premier League, which means that his assessment of the defensive quality of Wan-Bissake has a lot of weight.

Wan-Bissakin's appetite and desirability for the defense side of the game caught sight pretty quickly after his appearance at the Selhurst Park thought most of his full backs in a modern game were better to go ahead.

Wan-Bissaka was so good at defending, he actually won the most fighters of any veteran in the Premier League at 129. Only the enemies of Leicester City and Everton Wilfred Ndidi and Idrissa Gueye won more than him.

What makes Wan-Bissakin's attack statistics even more impressive, however, is that he only tried a total of 139 battles, which means he won an incredible 92.8% of his duels one by one. Overall, only nine of them beat him, and Leroy Sane from Manchester has done it on two occasions.

Not only was Wan-Bissaka at the top for the conquerors who won for the defender, he also did interceptions, making 84 of his 35 appearances in the Premier League. Watford midfielder Etienne Capoue was the only player in the division who earned more, and just over 85.

Leroy Sane from Manchester United was one of just ten players who passed last year's Aaron Wan-Bissake in the Premier League (Picture: Getty)

It is clear that United have signed a right-hand lock that is able to completely suffocate their opponents, either by silencing their ball at a perfectly aligned pace or by taking one step ahead and winning the ball before they have the chance to plan their next move.

However, in the attacking team of the Palace, Wan-Bissake will not be required to go through such a defensive job and instead, he will have to play much more on the front leg. Although there is concern over his ability to develop the offensive side of his game, Wan-Bissaka has shown a promise in that sense of the last mandate.


For years, United fans have condemned the unwillingness of their full backs to try to take on people with Antonios Valensii, a former assailant who has shown no less desire to try to bypass his opponents.

The Ecuadorian was a solid, not a spectacular right-wing, using his athletics and the power to fill and lower the ground to provide a wide range of opportunities. In the attack was a trick pony, sending the baffled delivery to the box by.

By contrast, Wan-Bissaka proved last season to be natural with the ball in his legs. The former winger says Wan-Bissaka turned to the right after he managed to keep Zaha in training and never looked back.

The origin of Wan-Bissake as an attacker can be seen through his leadership of last season, since last season he finished 61 of his 90 attempts to take over, so he averaged over two or three attempts on average.

This secured him a place in the top ten successful dribbles in the Premier League last season, behind Hazard, Zahe, Raheem Sterling, and Mohammed Salah. Only Ricardo Pereira of Leicester City, who was a former high-ranking midfielder, succeeded with more than 68 players. T

No doubt, the largest questionnaire surrounding Wan-Bissaka is, however, whether he possesses the necessary creativity for full-length play for the best six. He just created 14 chances in the league last season, as the Tottenham substitute replaced Fernando Llorente.

However, the fact that three of these 14 chances have helped him suggests that he has the ability to choose the pass for the team player in the last third and that in the adventurous part he can show that side of his game more regularly.

It is also worth considering that many of Palas' attacks last season were launched on their left where the dangerous duo Patricka van Aanholt and Zahe were deployed, limiting the Wan-Bissake attack on the other side.

Wan-Bissaka has registered three assists in the Premier League last season (Picture: Getty)

Although there are justified concerns about Wan-Bissake's ability to effectively contribute to United's assault, he has an excellent foundation for upgrading defense skills and has shown a tendency to attack the ballroom in his leg.

Given the progress that Wan-Bissaka has achieved in his career so far, do not tame him and add another string to his bow, becoming a successful thief.

To achieve this, Wan-Bissaka would be a complete modern day and could only make that 50 million pound price for several years.

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