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The DAP is digging its own grave by touching Mahathir

YOURSAY | "Draw the 'red lines' that Mahathir must not cross."

DAP has faced the worst crisis since GE14

Average Joe: As a Chinese, I have no problem if Chinese students learn Jawi. After all, we have many young Chinese who learn Japanese and Korean. It's just another form of writing.

If you are steadfast and believe in your religion and religion, no writing will make you change your religion or religion.

However, there is a lot of mistrust as there have been too many promises given but broken in the last 60 years. It will take us much longer to restore that confidence.

The DAP is in an unenviable position, but I believe its leaders are honest in dealing with the problems caused by friendly fire.

Drngsc: This edition of the khata shows that Malaysians as a whole do not trust Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. True, technically, khat is neither Islam nor the new Malay language.

But for the man on the street, it is a shift in that direction (towards greater Islamization in schools) and with Mahathir cunning it may soon shift in that direction. We just don't trust him.

Many educational issues are more important and he decides to push khat. Many see this as a move to destabilize DAP and provoke conflicts within DAP, especially with non-rallies in general.

The other issue is communications. The DAP must do much better in communicating issues of importance to Malaysians.

It appears that Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching did not do her homework or was caught in a trap devised by Mahathir.

DAP needs to be more vigilant. Don't trust Mahathir. Check and double check all that matters. Consult with DAP leaders.

Yes, Pakatan Harapan is a coalition, but unfortunately, in this coalition government, a minority, an egotistical old man, simply cannot accept having to consult and debate with others about policies that affect all Malaysians.

Draw "red lines" that Mahathir should not be crossed. Indeed, it is better to allow Harapan to implode than to issue his own mission. We must maintain our principles and our struggles.

Anonymous_ba958b7b: A little knowledge and a lot of propaganda – it sums up the intellectual abilities of most of us in this country.

DAP leader Liew Chin Tong is trying to calm the situation while many are spreading the flames. This man has worked hard all these years to provide a better and better country for all of us. Kudos to Liew.

Si Beh Song: Look, what about the Unified Certificate of Examination (UEC)?

It was one of the most important issues that DAP has defended for decades, but has now been quietly dismissed. This was despite Teo being the Deputy Minister of Education, but she became silent about it.

Liew seduces rakyat. Why do we need to learn these six pages of khat first? Former minister Rafidah Aziz has already said it is khat no use to our economy, so why is there a need to learn this? Why not let students focus on science and math?

Is it not clear that Mahathir is trying to show Bersatu's ability to acquire PAS and BN to form a grand coalition?

Rupert16: Either Liew and DAP are the ones who still cannot see the tree trunks or intentionally summon Mahathir and blind eyes to what he and Bersatu are trying to do using our education system to gain the benefit of Malaysians.

Anonymous_1cfb3ab6: I support Liew's statement that DAP should not withdraw from Harapan or the government.

This will take place in Mahathir's hands as he will simply invite Umna and PAS to join the government (along with PKR deputy president Azmin Ali's party, Amanah and Warisan) and expel PKR president Anwar Ibrahim's faction.

The old fox doesn't care about the next election until two people – Azmin and Mukhriz Mahathir – become his successors, both a national car project and a winding bridge.

DAP must be fought internally. But I disagree with Liew that DAP should continue to support Mahathir.

It's time to change leadership and if that doesn't work, call an early general election. Even Umno and PAS would have no choice but to take risks with Mahathir.

The DAP and PKR remnants should not be afraid of second choice, even if it means another opposition term, given the s ** t the state is in, they will come back stronger after the next GE.

StrainingGnats, SwallowCamels: Look, thank you for trying to explain.

1. "Fox News in the US plays the role of setting an agenda or perspective. Pro-Trump influencers on social media and cybertroopers then dance to the tune and take it to the next level in cyberspace through peer-to-peer apps like WhatsApp . This creates the illusion of great "consent" of sorts, more like echoes of echoes. "

With all due respect, you may have misunderstood Fox. Are you sure you are not talking about CNN, MSNBC, etc.? What is the basis or source of your opinion?

2. "There was simply too much misinformation about Javi's teaching as opening the floodgates for Islamization."

This is the second of your "basic facts". It is an opinion, not a fact. But it may be possible that the teachings and teachings of Javi were intended as an opening for Islamization.

These may not be flood windows or only openings, but openings. Time will tell if the idea really comes to fruition.

Cynical: Look, do you think the whole mess created Heat everyday? You just paper your boss (Minister of Finance and DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng) who has an ax to handle newspapers. Do you think Malaysians are stupid?

Read Azly Rahman's articles column, Khat is not just Jawi. Khat is Arabic, and is used almost exclusively for writing Qur'anic verses in the form of calligraphy. If khat is Jawi, why not call it Jawi instead of khat?

Save Malaysia: Even ordinary people can see that the Azmin case should have weakened PKR by reinforcing the cracks (with Anwar). Khat and Lynas need to weaken both DAP and PKR. Only one party will come out stronger and victorious, Bersat.

If Lim is able to quickly improve the economy, resulting in people and businesses thriving under Harapan, then all of these are non-issues or could easily be reduced.

Lim, however, is only good for blaming. What a shame after 61 years to finally defeat the federal government and now continue to drive your own goals. Umno and PAS laugh from the sidelines as Harapan implodes.

My2cen: Liew is completely wrong to place blame on them Heat everyday to print and highlight news.

It is the fault of every minister / deputy minister, especially those in the DAP, who knew about the issue and did not do well to tell the minister to hold on until they had the opportunity to consult and seek feedback from Chinese and Indian teachers / participants .

Harapan's cabinet has a "perfect" record of kicking in every policy since its formation.

They also did not go to earth to tell people what was ICERD (The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination) and the Rome Statute (International Criminal Court) were before they decided to ratify both international conventions.

If anything, Son chew he did his fourth estate business and taking care of the interest of those affected.

My understanding: Look, when DAP and Harapan were mandated, it was based on the manifesto you came up with yourself; and not by any news company like Heat everyday. Utusan Malaysia or Malaysiakini.

You screwed up and now you're trying to take the blame on someone else.

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