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The real measure of Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelsona is as much as they watch

OPINION: The winner between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson could be the least relevant aspect of his game this weekend in Las Vegas.

Much more interesting was the outcome of a 72-hole show that played over two coins of opaque amount of money – Harry Vardon got almost seven times more than he won for his single victory over Willie Park Jr in 1898 at the British Open.

Next summer, Vardon and Park play an exhibition that the British press charges as the biggest golf contest ever. Vardon won 100 pounds of British players with their double advantage in North Berwick 10,000 spectators, and another 100 pounds to complete the first 11 and 10 year run at his Ganton rally.

The pair, shown during their catastrophic pairing at Ryder Cup 2004, are longstanding rivals.


The pair, shown during their catastrophic pairing at Ryder Cup 2004, are longstanding rivals.

So, Woods vs. Mickelson is nothing new except the public is not allowed in Shadow Creek on Friday (Sabbath NZ time).

* Tiger vs. Philo in $ 13.5 million in Las Vegas
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What's unique about this show, with $ 9 million ($ 13.5 million) allegedly going to the winner, is delivery. This is the first pay-per-view golf, and the organizers were smart to keep the $ 19.99 price, which is about 25 percent of what to command a strong fight against the tough fight.

How many people worry enough to apply for black Friday?

"Um, no," said Rory McIlroy, when he asked Dubai last night if he would pay for watching. "I thought about it. I was on lunch with Phil in one of the events in the FedEx Cup and said," I can watch it. "He took out $ 25 from his pocket and said," No, here's 25 Euros, I'll pay for it. "Thank you. & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;

McIlroy says it might be worth 15 years ago, but he has "missed a little bit" now.

Woods and Mickelson are still the two biggest names in golf even in this tidal wave of youth, but their unilateral rivalry – Woods was the only rival that Mickelson had, and not vice versa, for five years. This feels old, and sometimes irresistible promotion has made it feel memorable.

Is this a bad idea? No way.

There is no lack of Woods and Mickelson who make a pay-per-view event at the beautiful golf course in Shadow Creek, which everyone knows, but hardly anyone has seen. But when the biggest emphasis is on the fact that there is no weakness, selling it becomes an upward battle.

There will be a lot of talk, and Mickelson rarely has words. There will be side action. It's a part of what it does different from the Showdown at Sherwood show, Monday's exhibitions between Woods and David Duval in 1999 when they were in their premier and fighting for the 1st place in the world.

The question is whether there is a future.

That's the only thing that talks about the interest of Alastair Johnston, vice president of IMG, who knows a bit about these golf exhibitions.

Johnston was deeply involved in the Skins game, when he started in 1983 until he was in 2008. In the midst of this rally were Woods, Duval, Sergio Garcia, and Woods, Mickelson, John Daly and Retief Goosen.

"It is very difficult for me to criticize, but it is very difficult to praise," said Johnston.

It covers a lot of terrain for many golf enthusiasts. Those who live to criticize will reach the low-hanging fruit. Those who want to look at Woods and Mickelson go head-to-head will not have trouble finding a party.

"I'm interested, from a professional point of view, how many viewers get, how much to pay," said Johnston. "How many people actually want to spend money on it, and it brings other options and different delivery systems?" Golf was not tested that way.

The PGA Tour has approved only one of these games, even when it comes to franchises.

History suggests that this will not have much energy. The Skins Game is ideal for Thanksgiving, and Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, Fred Couples and others were star enough.

Golf now has a strong core of young major champions, and perhaps in the future.

But more episodes of Woods and Mickelson will grow old, and history suggests that Woods and any collections of players may not be enough. On the old Monday evening show, Woods went with a score of 7.6 for Sergija Garcia's national rating of 3.0 in the last team event.

So the only outcome on Black Friday is how much it cares, even when it involves a player who everyone likes to watch.

Johnston remembers that it was not such a nice time when he put together a unique concept in 1997, when Woods set up 20 tracks on the Masters and won 12. He was playing against Michael Jordan, Ken Griffey Jr and Kevin Costner. For each hole Woods won, you could choose which club to get out of your bag. They had a musical walk. Closed to be shown on Christmas. It is called "Tiger and Friends".

But Jordan and Costner had to retire, replaced by Nascar driver Jeff Gordon and actor Chris O'Donnell. And then it rained.

Forecast for the sun and mild atmosphere in Las Vegas on Friday.

That's the beginning.

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