Thursday , September 19 2019
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The teacher in case of student attack says I'm sorry

KUANTAN: The disagreement between the physical education teachers and the fourth-grade pupils here is solved when both parties have told each other today.

The apologies of both parties took place here at the Kuantan District Educational Office, and witnessed to Mohd Razali Mustafa District Educational Officer and the student's father.

He argued that the department had made every effort to resolve the conflict and was grateful that both sides were reluctant to admit their mistakes, forgive each other, and not extend the issue.

"The case has been resolved amicably, considering the student's future and as educators, we certainly want the student to continue studying in a positive learning environment without pressure," he told reporters today.

At the meeting, the student's father also expressed the readiness to withdraw the police report filed against the teachers last Wednesday.

Earlier, the media reported that the teacher allegedly had attacked a student after the controversy surrounding homework, which led to the exchange of racial insults between the two in the incident last Tuesday.

Yesterday, Kuantan district police chief Mohammad Noor Yusof Ali, who confirmed the incident, said the police had recorded statements from both sides and only waited for the medical report to complete the investigation.

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