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5 colossal figures about the biggest online shopping event in the world

Launch event One day in 2017

Alibaba Group
Launch event One day in 2017. Sales exceeded $ 25,000 million, and this year is expected to increase.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday will be American inventions copied all over the world, but their Chinese equivalent generates the most money.

The so-called Bachelor's Day (celebrated November 11) is by far the largest one-day shopping event in the world.

Last year, Chinese consumers spent more than $ 25,000 million in 24 hours, breaking his previous record.

The event began in the 1990s as a celebration against Valentine, with the idea of ​​giving each other an opportunity to celebrate their day.

Event Countdown 2017.

Alibaba Group
Alibaba has turned Bachelor Day into a "shopping festival" that includes a live countdown and hundreds of thousands of items for sale.

Date is selected for its four "loners": 11/11.

But from the e-commerce company Alibaba has begun to use, starting from 2009, to make its own annual sales day, gradually becomes a day of big shopping.

Here are some colossal figures about this mega event.

1. Much bigger than Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

On November 11, 2017, Chinese consumers spent $ 25.3 billion on the Internet, according to Alibaba.

Fashion show

Alibaba Group
The Tmall website already offers 500,000 items that can be ordered in advance and increases sales by the fashion show "Look Now, Buy Now"

And this figure applies only to sites owned by Alibaba: Tmall and Taobao.

For comparison, consumers in the United States have spent $ 5,000,000 for Black Friday and $ 6,600 million on Cyber ​​Monday, according to Adobe Analytics.

Considering online and merchandise sales, in 2017, Americans spent $ 19.6 billion over the five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber ​​Monday, 23% less from Singles Day in China.

Your 10th edition is likely to break down records

Alibaba promised that "this year's mega-event will be the greatest in terms of scale and scope".

Its Tmall retail website already offers 500,000 items that can be ordered in advance, and the introduction to the Singles Day has started with its fashion show "Look Now, Buy Now", aired last month.

Tmall says he will offer 180,000 brands from China and from all over the world to its consumers.

Chinese buyers

Alibaba Group
The big e-commerce takes the initiative of Same Day for consumers outside the network and beyond.

Alibaba also hopes to, in falls on Sunday, Singles Day is even more popular.

The E-commerce company also takes over its outstanding sales strategy through 200,000 smart stores offering beauty, automobiles and home furnishings.

3. Expand yourself overseas

According to Jeff Rajeck, Asia Pacific and Pacific Ocean Investigators for Econsultancy, nearly 40% of the $ 25,000 million in commodities sold to Chinese consumers in 2017 corresponds products manufactured by foreign brands.

And this year, Alibaba's strategic goal of Customers Day Outside of China.

Workers pack packages at an express delivery company in Beijing

Getty Images
Alibaba is expected to receive roughly 1 billion package shipment in a few days.

Lazada, a Singapore-based retail store, will organize its own 11/11 version Six Southeast Asian countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

In the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium, there will be shops offering discounts.

4. This is a logistic challenge

Last year he performed Singles Day 812 million orders and the impressive $ 7,000 million was sold in the first 30 minutes of sales, according to eShopWorld retailers.

This year is expected to align Alibi delivery 1,000 million packages in a few days.

Robot in Cainiao network storage

Alibaba Group
Alibaba's logistics arm opened a massive warehouse that uses robots to reduce order processing time.

In preparation for this challenge, Cainiao Network, the majority owned by the Alibaba logistics company, opened the largest automatic warehouse in China, in the eastern city of Wuxi.

Among other technologies, It uses 700 robots that can halve processing time task.

5. Affects the environment

Buying an Escalator has led Greenpeace to call previous releases of "disaster for the environment".

According to NGOs, orders for the 2016 event produced 52,400 tons of CO2, equivalent CO2 absorbed 524,000 trees throughout their lifetime.

That year sales of Dana Singles reached $ 18,000 million.

Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province

The e-commerce company has benefited from 802 million Internet users in China who have a growing purchasing power.

"Not only does it generate huge amounts of waste, but CO2 emissions from production, packaging and deliveries are enormous," warned Greenpeace.

"The way to buy something trash with a single click this is not a viable model for the future of retail. "

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