Thursday , May 6 2021

90% of women with HIV got it for a stable partner

90% of women with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) they got it from their stable partner, confirmed the organization Foundation for Health Care (AHF Mexico).

When presenting the documentary film "Under the laurels" the organization emphasized the importance of using condoms in every sexual relationship regardless of whether they have a stable partner as well as self-care and health and empowering women in relation to macho culture in the country..

Women's Museum In Mexico City's Historic Center, she opened her doors for a premiere and a discussion involving women who gave her testimony for making a documentary film.

Silvia Carmona, activist and founder Casa David, emphasized the value of her companions "who, testifying in front of the cameras, see and hear that women, like everyone else, today clearly understand that the struggle and experience of 26 years can easily have avoided using a condom in her sexual relations with her husband so that HIV would not enter my sheets.

"It happens that this disease is severe because of the rejection we are facing but we can progress through medical advancement so that I leave my message to young women so as not to be naive to believe in your partner and to let other people surrender their life and care, it depends about each of us, "said Pilar, another of the protagonists.

In Mexico, of the total number of people with HIV from -230,000 to 2017 – 21,7% are women, the situation which marks them as the most vulnerable group in light of the prevalence of those who have sex without a condom, or 8 out of 10, where one of their main arguments is to "have a stable partner".

Silvia Elizabeth Gomez Narváez, the director of the documentary film, urged women to take responsibility for caring for their body and lives before others, as well as to modify a culture that normalizes violence.

Blanca Martínez Torres, the national coordinator of rapid tests and prevention at AHF in Mexico, said "Under the Laurels" seeks to promote the use of condoms in all sexual relationships. "Given the cat's distrust of the partner for change, they can resort to a fast test every six months, because they live in a constant risk situation," he said.

The documentary depicts stories of women with HIV who share their individual experience in a much safer way with what it seeks to promote autonomy and set limits on people regardless of their status, without prejudice and completely based on stories.

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