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a new icon, a darker theme, and security and performance enhancements

Mozilla has made the new version of the browser official, Firefox 70 browser, With this version comes a new redesigned logo and new features, focused on user security and privacy and improvements in browser performance levels.

The list of changes has not yet been published, because an official announcement is expected tomorrow. However, we know them thanks to the beta 70 data and after trying out this new stable version when downloading from the Mozilla repository.

Firefox Browser 70, the new Mozilla browser

Firefox logo

At the time we published this article, the log of changes to Mozilla 70 is not public. The new version of the browser cannot be downloaded from the Mozilla website or updated, but can be downloaded from the Mozilla repository, where have released this new version 70, The first change we see is at the image level. The new browser has a new reconstructed icon to indicate the line of subsequent versions of the browser.

Firefox 70 is not the main version, but it marks the way for new versions of the browser, with faster updates and a clear focus on privacy

As for the browser itself, we haven't found much aesthetic changes dark mode now embeds all browser configuration pages, as long as we activated it. Similarly, we now find better integration with Firefox protection in the search bar.

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We will now have more accessibility with tracking capabilities from our own browser search bar

Clicking on the new shield icon will see blocked cookies, those allowed, and directly accessing the Firefox privacy report, which shows us how many trackers are locked in a week.

In addition to these developments, there are several "invisible" improvements related to your own browser performance and efficiency. Firefox 70 browser It's more energy efficient in macOS, thanks to a more efficient composer. Similarly, there are improvements at the WebRender level in Windows. New CSS features are also enabled so developers can work better on websites.

As we predicted, Mozilla Firefox 70 can be downloaded from the official website tomorrow, as well as an update from an earlier version. However, if you want to try a few hours before posting, you can do so from your warehouse.

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