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Anel Noreña suffered a nervous breakdown after burying the remains of José José

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Anel Noreña. ex wife from José Josésuffered a stress crisis after being buried remains singer in the family crypt from French pantheon in Mexico City.

Also a 74-year-old exmodel he attended at Emergency from first aid where they took theirs vital signs and drank waterWell, she said she felt suffocated.

Anel Noreña he is stable and aware, the Mexico City Culture Minister reported, José Alfonso Suárez del Real, but unhappy because there were many hours of tension and emotion.

"One of the strongest emotions is to understand what it's like to have buried and merged with what's left of who was yours husband"It got it wrong and it's understandable," he explained.

He said that Anel rather they moved Emergency to your home, because there you have the opportunity to go to bed. Your daughter Marysol Sosa He followed her along the way. "The medical part described his case as a person who has stress but nothing that does not deserve a supply serum or anything," he said real.

Upon leaving the cemetery José Joel and Marysol, older children of José Joséas well as Anel Noreña Journalists approached them in search of a statement. However, they preferred to remain silent, claiming it would be another day.

"Thank you very much. Watch out for my mom, family. We'll talk about everything and more, thank you"Gentlemen, get out because my mother is coming, let her breathe, please," he exclaimed Jose Joel without stopping his step at the insistence of the press.

A few hours before, through your account Instagram. Anel goodbye The Prince of Song with a meaningful message in which he assures him that he will always be his greatest love and that there will no longer be an obstacle to continuing to love one another.

"It will no longer interfere with us being loved. You know very well that we were for each other. Wait for me in the sky. No trunks, just a heart I kept for you, and today I leave you my song so you can sing it in heaven and play a hymn to them two, "he wrote as part of the text.


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