Saturday , January 23 2021

Apple promises to solve problems on iPhone X and MacBook

Apple Inc. said on Friday that he had encountered some issues affecting some of his 13-inch iPhones and MacBook Pro and announced that they would fix it for free.

Repair offers are the latest series of product quality issues last year, though Apple raised the prices of most laptops, tablets and phones. Their top-selling iPhones now sell up to $ 1,449 and their best iPad costs $ 1,899.

Apple said that the iPhones on iPhones X, which came out in 2017 with a $ 999 initial price, could experience problems with touch due to component failure, adding that they would replace those parts for free. The company said it only affects the original iPhone X, which was replaced by the iPhone XS and XR released this fall.

Screens on affected phones may not respond properly or can react even without touching, said Cupertino, a California company.

For a 13-inch MacBook Pro computer, he said the problem could lead to data loss and storage failure failure. Apple said it would service the affected units.

Only limited 128GB and 256GB hard drives in 13-inch MacBook Pro units sold from June 2017 to June 2018, Apple said on its website.

Last year, Apple started a massive battery replacement program after recognizing that a software update that helps iPhone models deal with old batteries slowed down the phone's performance. The battery jam caused the query from US agents.

In June, Apple announced it would offer free key replacements on some MacBook and MacBook Pro models. The keyboards that Apple introduced in laptops after 2015 caused social network complaints about the amount of noise they did in writing and unexpected failure. Apple has changed the design of the keyboard this year, adding a layer of silicone under the key.

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