Thursday , February 25 2021

Arturo Peniche reappears on the arm of a beautiful blonde

Arturo Peniche reappears on the arm of a beautiful blonde and falls in love on social media because he looks very recovered from Arthur we saw a few weeks ago when he discovered he was going through a difficult series in his marriage.

Arturo Peniche has become one of the most beloved actors on Mexican television, not only because of his acting, but because of his love of music and great personality, as well as his impeccable personal life that until recently was tainted by rumors of nonsense he clarified himself.

On screen, Arturo Peniche She shared the credit with great actresses like Edith González, Lucero, Thalía, Erika Buenfil and others, always acting with respect for her colleagues and great professionalism, which the audience did not go unnoticed.

From his own voice Arturo Peniche revealed that after the pandemic his marriage was affected and that at this point he was separated from the wife he respected and loved. The news caused confusion as he entered into one of the most stable marriages in show business.

So much Arturo Peniche while his son Brandon Peniche and his mother-in-law, actress Sharis Cid, discovered it was nothing strange and although many believed in reconciliation, the actor simply devoted himself to his online program and other projects, in celebration of becoming a grandfather again.

Arturo Peniche stirs a beautiful blonde and falls in love

It was recently when Arturo Peniche He reappeared in public and in the hands of a great friend of Erika Buenfil, who managed to convince him to play a dance for tik tok, showing his great sense of humor.

Arturo Peniche and Erika Buenfil they were a couple in a telenovela “Love in silence”And they agreed on other projects, with which they have been friends for years and with all possible respect, they still often celebrate each other celebrating personal achievements.

Arturo Peniche He looked determined and animated in a video shared by Erika Buenfil, something that encouraged his followers because when he announced the separation, they were worried about his well-being.

Obviously Arturo Peniche and Erika Buenfil matched up in the hallways of Televisa, so surely both will share great projects this 2021.

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