Friday , January 22 2021

Between the tiredness and the unconscious Pixies closes the concert at Zócal

After four years of absence in Zagreb Mexico. Pixies He joined the audience and did it as a stage plinth, in jail Week of Youth.

Be at 9:52, Black Francis. David likes. Joey Santiago and Mir Lenchantin, appeared on the scene causing the euphoria of participants waiting for about six hours.

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<p><em>Cactus and I were</em> <em>tired</em> these were the first songs that the band played, though they were not performed in their entirety, fans reiterated them as mantras, regardless of whether the pronunciation was in perfect English.</p>
<p>While the quartet went from one topic to another, event organizers, elements<strong> Secretary General of Public Security Capital</strong> and the nurses pulled out people who were unconscious or injured by the multitude; it was also related to fighting in the area of ​​guest and press, and with man expelled from that area.</p>
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As the minutes passed, people's energy fell to the level, only a small shift and oscillating head movements were the most direct reaction to questions such as Ed is dead, Nimrods are and Mr. Grieves.

Collaboration between Francis and the company is such that it is enough to meet for a moment to decide what follows: Here comes your man.

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<p>Guitar solo part <strong>Joey Santiago</strong>, still wearing the wrestler's mask on his right hand, showed what he was capable of, causing a cry of emotion.</p>
<p>The cold night began to get worse, but people did not get out of the way, even those who were exhausted looking for space on the banks to sit but did not leave the place.</p>
<p>"Thank you very much, Mexico," Paz said in the final way <strong>Pixies </strong>in this presentation, and his sweet voice was heard <em>All I'm thinking about now.</em></p>
<p>This American band currently traveling with the tour <em>Come to Pilgrim</em>… <em>That's Surfer Rosa</em>, featuring the 30-year-old Surfer Rosa (1988); It did not seem to want to get out of the stage because they were already close to two hours and the themes continued; <em>Not. 13 babies </em>and <em>Rivera Euphrates</em> They heard them before coming to goodbye.</p>
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