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Bitmain, a giant mining giant sued an unknown hacker for allegedly $ 5.5 million in Crypt

Bitmain, the Chinese Bitcoin Mining Div (BTC), filed an anonymous hacker for allegedly stealing 5.5 million bitmain Bitcoin accounts in Binance in April, according to a lawsuit filed with Bitcoin. US District Court of the Western Washington County in Seattle on November 7.

As noted in the court document, an unknown hacker, named "John Doe" in the case, was able to get Binance's Bitmain account and used Bitcoin that was stored to manipulate the alternative Decentraland (MANA) cryptoduration price and then steal the benefits.

Bitmain says in a court document that the company's "losses" exceeded $ 5.5 million in "Bitcoin and other digital assets," citing that the accused could steal "approximately 617 BTCs". The document states that unauthorized activity was held on April 22, when Bitcoin was quoted at around $ 8,935.

The document also explains that as an "scam" an unknown hacker used two of his own accounts in the now second-largest cryptozo Binance, as well as in Bittrex, with about 2.3 million MANAs already acquired in Bittrex. Allegedly, "John Doe" set orders for Bitmain's digital wallet to acquire MANA's "other digital assets" to Bitmain's Bitcoins at a price that was "far above the market rate at that time." The defendant could also artificially inflow the price of MANA using Bitmain's BTC to buy Ethereum (ETH), which was then used to purchase MANA.

According to the lawsuit, the hacker also carried out a series of orchestrated operations in the reverse direction between BTC and MANA from Bitmain's purses and theirs, completing theft, obviously by switching the BTC from its Bitmain account. for example, on a digital wallet in the Bittrex trading platform for crypto currencies. "

In mid-October, Cointelegraph reported that the losses caused by hackers in the first nine months of 2018 exceeded the figures for the entire year 2017 by 250 percent, with stolen $ 927 million.

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