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Both CDMX and country protests protested against AMLO policy

Simultaneous demonstrations are being conducted in Mexico City and various parts of the country with various protests and slogans against the policy of President López Obrador.

Manifest Revive Mexico & # 39; has reached Angela's independence from the monuments of the Revolution, so they partially operate on the road traffic in that area.

March started at 11 am and among the demands that protestors give President Andrew Manuelo López Obrador is to stop the insecurity and "migration invasion" as well as against the cancellation of NAM's New Mexico airport.

In social networking publications, it is appreciated that protesters are shouting the slogan "outside AMLO".

At the same time, another event titled "We're All One" started at 10:00 in the Angels of Independence and moved to the Palace of Fine Arts, where it was still a contingent at that time.

Participants of this movement demonstrate in the defense of the rule of law, focusing mainly on the attention of this area, with the rejection of cuts in art, education, culture, health, security, infrastructure, construction and tourism.

Both of them were at one point in Angela and exchanged opinions, without trumpeting.

At the same time, another march of concentration was gathered at the Plaza de la Constitución, organized by the Mexican Canabis Research Association (AMECA), which required the right to free planting and cannabis harvesting.

In the tourist area of ​​Acapulco, about 40 people – most of them – protested 10 minutes against President André Manuela López Obrador, who asked for his immediate resignation because he thinks that in only 7 months he took the country to the most frustrating economic, political and social crisis.

In Chihuahua, at least 500 people from various organizations protested against the policy of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who was accused of issuing a nation.

With transparencies, protesters have voiced their refusal to cancel the construction of the New Mexico City International Airport, education reforms, projects such as the Dos Bocas refinery and demanded an increase in uncertainty index in the country, among others.

The "United Chihuahua for Mexico" group convened a meeting and was held at the Plaza de la Grandeza, next to the government palace, where the audience exclaimed all sorts of word rejecting the regime.

The contingent made the march a little over a kilometer away from Plaza de la Grandeza and ended at Plaza de Armas in front of the municipal presidency.

In Tamaulipas, protests were presented in Tampica, Nuevo Laredo and Victoria. Citizens came to public squares to demonstrate in order to protest against the cracks that the Federation has made to the entity, adding to demonstrations taking place throughout the country.

The Tampico demonstrators met in Plaza de Armas, in front of the municipal presidency; in Victoria at Plaza Hidalgo and in Nuevo Laredo, at Plaza Fundadores.

They looked for jobs, security, health services, and day care resources, Seguro Popular, and Prosper's programs.

In Michoacan, Morelia and Uruapan, the two most important cities in the country, rallies and marches for the rejection of the government of President Andrés Manuela López Obrador were held.

Hundreds of protesters came out in favor of the political trial of López Obrador. In Michoacan, marches and concentrations developed in peace.

In Morelos, about 60 people made up of the Chalecos México & # 39; gathered in the Calvario church Sunday at 10:00 am in March at Zócalo de Cuernavaca and demanded that the President of the Republic resign, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The cardboard and payroll were "out of AMLO" among other slogans against López Obrador's administration. Even when there were little protesters, they were offered help on the road to move to Matamoros Street, to Plaza de Armas in the capital of Morelos.

With information from Enrique Villagomez, Arturo Estrade, Perle Resezez, Samuela Garcia, Verónice Bacaz and Notimex *

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