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Can electric cars save Nissan?

Now with a new CEO, Makoto Uchid, Nissan has to regain the reputation lost in the scandals of two former CEOs, Carlos Ghosna and Hirota Saikawa. One way to get back into the industry is with electric cars and they will take advantage of the Japan Auto Show present your proposal for electric mobility. That means it could be a lifeline for the Japanese carmaker.

After a series of events that began with The arrest of Carlos Ghosn, a former Nissan CEO who has been indicted in Japan on at least four charges, and, along with the situation, a CEO who took command of the company while selecting the best candidate, Hiroto Saikawa, resigned his post in September after admitting he had received damages of unknown origin.

With the resignation of two directors in less than two years, Nissan's board of directors was pressured to select a new CEO; the company was not at its best and had to do a reduction of 12,500 employees, about 10% of the workforce, and tensions with Renault, a French car company, continued to rise.

Electric mobility is for Nissan a golden opportunity, When Daimler, BMW, Ford and Porsche AG created IONITY, a project for electric chargers, they thought of both Europe and the United States (Electrifying America). Even Tesla has more than 11,000 chargers installed worldwide and 1,500 in Mexico. The Nissan Leaf is one of the three best-selling electric vehicles in Mexico, along with the Toyota Prius and Tesla.

Due to the unfavorable situation, Nisan is now looking for ways to quickly recover and return to the industry. One of the actions to achieve this is to participate in the Tokyo Auto Show.

From Thursday, October 24 to Monday, November 4, 2019, the The 46th Auto Show will be held in Koto-ku, Tokyo, organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA). In addition, for this, the 2019 Future Expo will be exposed at demonstrations of the latest technologies from various companies such as Panasonic, Fujitsu, NEC, among others.

In this show Nissan An exhibition of at least 14 models is planned, including some electric cars, Among the models to be introduced, the company highlighted the special presence of four: Nissan Imk, Nissan LEAF e +, Nissan GT-R and Nissan Serena e.POWER.

The Nissan Imk is an electric car "adapted to city life," according to the company, which revealed little information about the car.

Adapting to the city environment, the Nissan Imk is broad, despite its appearance, prioritizing the comfort of drivers and other users, as well as reducing stress with the most advanced driver assistance technologies called ProPILOT.

Likewise, the latest version of the LEAF, the LEAF e + has 62 kWH, which offers 380 kilometers on each load. For Japan and the United States, this vehicle has already gone on sale and unfortunately did not raise its rating in the purchase. In the first nine months, the vehicle sold 21,000 units, half of its 2018 sales.

If the situation between the Renault-Mitsubishi-Nissan alliance does not develop, the company should be provided with other ways to improve its financial situation. An alternative is your commitment to electric vehicles, which could become a lifeline Nissan.

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