Thursday , December 12 2019
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Capturing CNDH

Last week, we went on what can briefly be described as the capture of CNDH by the government and Morena, the ruling party.

For the first time, a person who is an outspoken and active member of a government party is named chairman of the committee.

Also, for the first time a non-lawyer.

For the first time a person whose speech portrait was made by a president at a press conference.

For the first time, the President of the Commission was first elected in a fraudulent procedure.

After several attempts to get a qualified majority he wants to nominate, once his term of office expires once he has not renewed the list for a second term, as required by law, finally the Senate majority from Moreno has decided to disappear by two votes out of 116 votes. would have reached a two-thirds majority over the remaining 114 votes.

Trying to respond to allegations of fraud that came from opposition banks, Moreno Senate Coordinator Ricardo Monreal tweeted confirming by simple sum of their numbers that there were, in fact, 116 votes, not 114.

Twitter says:

"The @CNDH Presidency in the Mexican Senate voted as follows: 57 Morena, 3 PT, 4 PES, 5 PVEM, 22 PAN, 15 PRI, 7 MC, 2 PRD, 1 IND."

Added gave 116 votes. It took 78 to achieve two-thirds. Rosario nominee Piedra Ibarra was only 74 years old.

Senator Monreal later deleted his tweet, but was recovered and posted to MILLENNIUM on Saturday, November 9 with the following headline: "Monreal deletes a tweet that gave opponents a reason."

If the fraud is exploited tomorrow, when the elect takes possession, the CNDH will be captured by the government.

It would cease to be an instrument of a society that complains of abuse of power and would begin to be an extension of government, an instrument of government that would only deal with complaints from a section of society that is interested in government.

Very bad news.

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